Member Engagement Report

How can a leader know whether they’re making a difference if they don’t have anything by which to gauge their progress? And how can you measure progress if you don’t know where you’re starting?

FACT: Around 1/3 of all people of faith in America are not registered to vote, and over half do not vote regularly, even in presidential elections! So how engaged are your people?

The Member Engagement Report:

  • gives you insight into your congregation’s voting activity
  • empowers you to be strategic and effective in mobilizing your people
  • provides feedback and encouragement in the future

How Does It Work?

Voting records are public, showing when each and every citizen has voted in the past (but not who they voted for—that’s not public information). You provide us with your membership list, which we will handle under a strict confidentiality agreement. We match your members to our powerful databased of public voting records, and provide you with a personalized report for your church. No members’ individual information is reflected on the report, but rather overall percentages and demographics. All data on the report is anonymous and, therefore, totally confidential. (Click here to read our privacy policy)

The Member Engagement Report:

  • gives graphic representation of what percentage of your people are registered or not registered to vote
  • shows the voter turnout percentages for primary and general elections
  • breaks down your voter turnout by age groups and gender, allowing you to be very strategic in your messaging

Click here to see a sample report:

Pastoral Endorsements

Guidance and Support

Along with your free personalized Member Engagement Report, our team will come alongside to support you with suggestions, feedback, and mobilization strategies. Our goal is to help you lead God’s Church for maximum impact!

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