Lord, here we are again to ask you for your help, your wisdom and your guidance.

You blessed us by allowing us to live in this promised land. You inspired us with a Constitution and a Bill of Rights written by the founding Fathers whose words came from your biblical teachings.

The result was America, blessed with a horn of plenty and a people who obeyed your teachings. Your disciples built thousands of churches and schools to perpetuate the Faith and our children were blessed with your love and a fear of God.

But, Lord, your ministers, priests and the churches fell silent, did not defend you and allowed the Devil to preach and corrupt his house with material things and the ways of the flesh. We drifted away from your Commandments, our children lost their Faith and the outcome was the election of dishonest politicians who were hungry for power and appointed Judges who misinterpreted the Bill of Rights that you entrusted to us.

The Courts ruled Prayer in the schools as unconstitutional, they allowed abortion as the law of the land and we butchered 45 million babies. They took Christmas and Easter out of the calendar and made them seasonal holidays, then they took the Ten Commandments out of the court house and are building the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah throughout America.

Lord, how do we ask our Religious leaders, Pastors and their Congregations to lead America into a new Religious reawakening and that again can inspire our elected officials to live and govern according to your word and your Commandments?

Please God, guide us in what we do. Give us the instructions we need to reverse this evil from our land. We pray to you for your guidance, Amen.

Mike Valerio
Executive Board, Vision America

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