The Rick Scarborough Report
August 23, 2007
Volume 3, Number 34

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1) A Special Summer Report
2) Alan Keyes' Crisis of the Republic Series


Dear Friends, I need your help. As the summer draws to a close we have depleted our resources and are showing a shortfall for the first time in months. God has blessed us because of the faithfulness of so many of you who read this report, pray for us regularly, and give, but we are experiencing the same difficulties many ministries face during the summer and I have decided to ask my friends to once again help us.

For the past ten years, I have been attempting to stand up as a pastor and call other pastors and Christians of all faiths to stand in the gap on behalf of this nation. I have been maligned and slandered by both misinformed Christians and the radical left for "mixing Church and State."

I plead guilty to that charge as I believe that in a nation such as this, Christians are the church and along side other citizens, we are the state.

America was founded by men who understood that Christianity is unique among all the religions of the world. The central truth of Christianity is that a true believer is one with Christ and hidden in God through faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross, validated by the resurrection. And our government was unique among all the nations of the earth at the time of our founding as our Founding Fathers asserted in the foundational document of our nation that, "all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights..."

Abraham Lincoln said of our government that it was, "Of the people, by the people and for the people."

I often reply when asked to justify my defiance of the left's mantra that a preacher should confine his remarks to matters of faith and leave matters of the state to the professionals, that "I am the state and I am the Church. How can I separate the two?"

I cannot and I will not be silent on the great moral issues of our day.

But I need your help to do it! Every month we face serious financial challenges. There is so much more we could do if just a fraction of you who read these weekly reports would stand with us every month. We could be more effective in defeating cloning wherever it rears its ugly head. We could be more effective in defeating hate crime legislation that keeps being resurrected by the left. We could be more effective in getting good judges on the bench and bad judges off. People are amazed at how much we get done with the limited resources we have, but it must grieve the Father to know how much more could be done if more of you would stand faithfully with us.

Please consider joining our family of regular contributors. I am praying that 100 people who will open this Report today, will click here and sign up to give $10.00 per month by credit card and become one of our Vision America Action Patriot Partners. Please be one of the 100.;_ID=2241

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When you join our other faithful Patriot Partners, you become a part of a ministry that is making a difference. I have listed with links, some of the action items that we are monitoring and addressing right now. I regularly field media inquiries about the effective work of Vision America, and when you become a Patriot Partner, our work becomes your work.;_ID=2241

CNN's special, God's Warriors, will feature a segment on Vision America approximately 40 minutes into the third installment in the series. The episode airs tonight from 8-10 p.m. Central.

Please pray for fair and accurate reporting of our work, and know that your gifts have made our work effective enough to be included in this three night documentary.

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Number 5 in Alan Keyes' ongoing series

When poor policy produces bad results, it's often painfully easy to recognize inadequate leadership.

Unfortunately, when this standard becomes the main criterion for assessing the quality of our leaders, we end up losing ground because we only remember to move forward when we realize we're falling behind.

Click here for more from Dr. Keyes.;=8179

For the entire series click here.

God Bless you and thank you for reading this Report.

Your friend,

Rick Scarborough


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