The Rick Scarborough Report
August 30, 2007
Volume 3, Number 35

In this Issue

1) Vision America Featured on CNN's "God's Warriors"
2) Our Tribute to our Friend, Dr. D. James Kennedy
3) Update Regarding the South Korean Hostages
4) Party of Values Devalued Again--Senator Larry Craig's Moral Failure
5) Rick Scarborough Ministry Report


CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour aired a three-part documentary featuring Moslems involved in politics, Jews involved in politics, and Christians involved in politics. Each segment consisted of a two-hour documentary each night for three nights, with the final night focusing on Christians. A crew followed me around on three occasions for a total of over four hours of taping. Needless to say, I was very apprehensive of what might be portrayed over the telecast.

When the program aired, I was greatly relieved. As I told a friend, had I personally edited the footage to tell our message to the church, I couldn't have done a better job. While many outside the faith may misunderstand our motives and message as conveyed, those who know the Lord and who have discerning hearts got the message as evidenced by the enormously encouraging response we have received. Our phones and website experienced a major upturn in traffic and 95 percent of the response has been positive. To God be all glory.

You can click here and view our segment which is being streamed on our website, courtesy of YouTube.

Please join me in thanking CNN for being fair and balanced in presenting our efforts. Click here to send a message to CNN.


Dr. Kennedy has served on the Advisory Board since the inception of Vision America, and, now that he has retired, his wisdom and example will be sorely missed. Please pray for me as I seek to honor his ministry by continuing to faithfully carry the message of salvation through Christ and redemption of the nation through Christians engaging the culture as salt and light.

To send your love, prayers and well wishes to Dr. Kennedy, please click here.;=281

Click here for my full tribute to this great man of God.;=8243


You may recall the recent press concerning 23 South Korean aid workers who were taken hostage by the Taliban outside the Ghazni province in Afghanistan on July 19. We have been bringing you regular updates on their captivity including the two members of their group who were executed by their murderous captors. The Taliban captors have been making demands for military prisoners in exchange for their release, threatening more killings if action was not taken quickly in response to their demands. But this week they changed their demands and let the hostages free. Their new demand? DON'T PREACH JESUS IN AFGHANISTAN AND QUIT SHOWING HIS LOVE BY YOUR ACTIONS!!!

Click here for the latest details on this situation.;=8248


Is it any wonder that so many in America are discouraged with politics in general and the Republican Party in particular? This week another prominent republican leader has been publicly disgraced for preaching one gospel while living another.

Click here for more details, and my thoughts, on this tragic failure of a national leader.;=8247


Last week I made you aware that we were facing some serious challenges financially as the summer comes to a close. Twenty-nine of you responded to our request for Patriot Partners who would contribute at least $10.00 per month. Several more of you gave one time gifts to assist us in making up some of the ground. Thank each of you who responded.

We are still quite short of our goal. I truly want to enter the fall in a strong position as we continue our Crusade to Save America. Would you consider joining the 29 who signed up last week? Click here to make a donation to Vision America Action.;_ID=2241

On September 17, Vision America will join forces with some of the largest pro-family organizations in America to host the first ever, Values Voter Debate. Eight republican candidates to date have agreed to be there, and we are in hopes of seeing every candidate participate. Every sponsoring group will be allowed to ask one question. I am seeking your input as to the question I should ask. Please click here to vote on your favorite question. We will announce the results of this poll next week.;_REQUIRED=URI_ACTION_USER_REQUESTS

We also need your phone calls to the not yet confirmed candidates. Their phones need to be ringing off the hook in a demonstration of the amount of people they are snubbing if they refuse to come and our determination to be heard and have our concerns addressed! Please take the time to call.

Rudy Giuliani - 212-835-9449
Mitt Romney - 857-288-6400 (850-254-7959 Florida office)
John McCain - 703-418-2008
Fred Thompson - 615-390-9944

On September 22, Vision America will host our Tenth Anniversary Gala at the Westin Galleria Hotel in Houston, Texas. We have over 500 RSVP's for this wonderful evening, but there is still room for you. We will be honoring Senator John Cornyn and Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmidtt at this year's Gala.

RSVP'd guests include Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, Texas Comptroller Susan Combs, Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson and a host of others.

I would love to see you there. Click here for all the details. Seating is limited.

Your friend,

Rick Scarborough


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