The Rick Scarborough Report
September 6, 2007
Volume 3, Number 36

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1) Dr. D. James Kennedy Stepped Into Heaven
2) Rick Scarborough Ministry Report
3) Value Voters Debate--Sept. 17
4) Senator Craig and the Democrats Continue to Play Footsies


I was saddened to hear that we have lost a great man today, but I rejoice that he is now receiving his well deserved reward.

I received this wonderful tribute to our good friend, Dr. Kennedy, earlier this morning. There is nothing I can add but to say, "Amen!"

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I am writing this report during the first leg of a four states in seven days excursion of front lines culture war ministry. I covet and need your prayerful support during this very busy time.

I will arrive in Washington DC today (Wednesday) and immediately go to the DC studios of Sinclair Broadcasting Network. Sinclair owns TV and radio stations all over Maryland and I will tape an interview discussing why I believe that Montgomery County, Md., judge Katherine Savage should be impeached and removed from the bench. For the past five years we have been calling on Congress and state legislators to end the reign of terror that judges have been conducting on morality in America, and Judge Savage has presented us with a classic example of why.

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Click here for background on the case.

I say "Enough is Enough." If you agree, click here to send a fresh round of faxes to every legislator and every state wide elected official in Maryland your demand that this judge be investigated and this injustice be rectified by the removal of Judge Katherine Savage. We will include a copy of every fax to the fax machine of Judge Savage as well, serving her notice that we will no longer sit back and watch as a few left-wing judges terrorize law abiding people by refusing to send criminals to jail where they belong.;_ID=2181

As soon as the interview is finished, I am scheduled to attend a press conference at the U.S. Senate building, being conducted by Arlen Spector and members of the Judiciary Committee, calling on the Senate leadership to allow Judge Southwick to receive an up or down vote in the Senate.;_ID=2221

Then on to five hours of meetings into the night, with 60-70 pro-family organization leaders, to discuss how we can better cooperate to save our country and restore her to her Christian heritage. We will reconvene Thursday morning and conclude our meetings at 2 p.m.

At 3 p.m. I will then meet with a separate group of leaders on similar issues, as we attempt to craft a plan to move the forgotten of our nation: the stay at home moms who have dedicated their lives to their children and their families; the hard working men and women who pay their taxes, rear their children and face the loss of jobs that are being sent overseas; the soldiers who are dying in Iraq while the left write books calling them monsters and continue to malign and undercut their heroic sacrifice; the millions of sincerely religious that send their children to government schools that are militantly atheistic and anti-god, advancing sexual liberation and perversion.

Please be encouraged that men and women are devoting their lives to stem the tidal wave of perversion that is now invading America, and pray for us as we work to do something about it.

On Friday, I will be traveling to Enterprise, Ala., with the rest of our One-Day Crusade Team for the next Crusade to Save America. We will be addressing close to 100 leaders for lunch on Saturday, and then we are expecting over 1,500 that evening for the rally.

On Sunday I will be traveling to Cincinnati, Ohio, to participate in a four man debate before several hundred people on the "Influence of Religion on Politics." I will be the only evangelical in the debate.

That evening I will travel to Beaumont, Texas, where I will address a 9-11 memorial rally on Tuesday. Throughout this busy week, I will continue to do radio and media interviews as opportunities afford themselves. I now do two weekly radio updates on stations and networks speaking to a growing audience of Christians across America.

Beloved friends, I still need your support. We are approximately $10,000 behind on our bills as I write this report. We have made up over half of our deficit, for which I am grateful, but we still need your help. Click here to make a contribution to Vision America Action, our 501C4 organization.;_ID=1461

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Mark the date!
September 17 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Streamed live by American Family Association Action

What makes this debate different? The candidates will be asked questions related to abortion, immigration, marriage and other issues Values Voters consider important. If you want to see where they stand on the traditional, pro-family issues, don't miss this debate.

Confirmed Candidates:
Gov. Huckabee
Sen. Brownback
Rep. Hunter
Rep. Paul
Rep. Tancredo
Mr. Cox
Ambassador Keyes

Unconfirmed Candidates:
NOTE: please call and e-mail the following candidates and request they participate in the event

212-835-9449 and e-mail [email protected] and [email protected]

857-288-6400 and e-mail at

703-418-2008 and e-mail [email protected]

615-390-9944 and e-mail at


Just when you thought this latest nightmare for the Republican Party would go away, Senator Craig decided to make a sequel.

But the real story is being lost.

The real story is that we now have a country--thanks in no small measure to the landmark decision in 2002, Lawrence v. Texas--which declared that sodomy laws in Texas and elsewhere were unconstitutional.

Justice Scalia wrote in his now infamous dissenting opinion that Pandora's box was now open, and soon to follow would be deviant behaviors of every kind. The left mocked him and scorned him, but now, just five years later, law enforcement officials find themselves hiding in bathrooms across America, trying to keep restrooms safe for children--and adults for that matter.

When are enough people in this nation going to get fed up with all this and stand up and say enough is enough? Or better yet, go to the polls and vote for decency, and good men and women who know right from wrong?

You won't hear many Democrats decrying such behaviors. And it seems, fewer and fewer Republicans are willing to say it either. Last week, while conducting an interview on Air America during their prime time broadcast, their answer to Rush Limbaugh, Thom Hartmann, snarled that he too was a Christian and that I was preaching bigotry for suggesting that homosexuality was sinful. He then said something very sobering--that more agree with him than me.

Unfortunately for our children and for our nation, he is probably right.

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