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Vol.2 No.2                                                                                                                               January 6, 2005

From the Desk of Pastor Rick Scarborough


In her just-published book, "It's My Party Too," Christine Todd Whitman urges Republicans to commit political suicide, by adopting the Democrats' losing positions on social issues.

The former New Jersey Governor and ex-cabinet member is free with her advice for the GOP -all of it bad. Whitman is a Northeastern liberal who wants the party of Reagan to embrace abortion on demand, racial quotas and homosexual rights, along with tax cuts.

The New Jersey RINO (Republican in Name Only) is particularly hard on the folks who just handed the GOP its greatest electoral victory in 80 years.

She calls us "ideological extremists" and "social fundamentalists" who "have claimed the mantle of conservatism" but "show no inclination to seek bipartisan consensus on anything." And when was the last time the elitists of Planned Parenthood, the ACLU or Americans United for Separation of Church and State showed the least inclination to compromise - at any time, on any thing?

Whitman's book was written before the 2004 election. By not following her advice - by supporting Christian conservatives and their agenda - George W. Bush became the first Republican president in 20 years to be elected to a second term.

More significantly, by championing the cause of the unborn and defending marriage, Bush became the first Republican president since the 1920s to win reelection and increase his party's representation in Congress! The five new Republicans elected to the Senate last year all won office on the issues Whitman urges her party to shun.

For Republicans, "It's My Party Too," is a prescription for disaster. It's difficult to say which is less connected to reality - Michael Moore's movies or Christine Todd Whitman's advice.


Bob Knight, director of The Culture and Family Institute at Concerned Women for America, is calling on the U.S. Justice Department to intervene in the case of 4 Philadelphia Christians whose civil rights are being violated in an on-going campaign of religious repression.

The Christians, members of Repent America, were arrested for reading Scriptures and quietly praying at a municipally supported homosexual celebration on October 10, 2004. The Christians protestors obeyed all police orders, threatened no one and remained peaceable at all time. Still, they were promptly arrested by Philadelphia police (at the direction of gay lawyers!). A homosexual mob -- called the Pink Angels -- that obstructed and harassed the Christians suffered no penalties.

If convicted, the Christian martyrs (who are charged with five separate felonies) could face 47 years in jail. Says Knight, "The District Attorney's Office went berserk, saddling them (the Christian protestors) with criminal charges including trying to incite a riot.... Their crime was to cite Bible verses, which a prosecutor called 'hateful,' and to urge homosexuals, like other sinners, to repent. It's frightening to see religious persecution on American soil, especially in the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence. The Justice Department needs to step in and investigate this civil rights violation by the city of Philadelphia."

To Knight's call, we would add a fervent amen. In the 1960s, the Justice Department investigated violations of the civil rights of African-Americans by racists. The same thing is happening in Philadelphia. Except, today, Americans are being persecuted not for their race but their religion - their adherence to Biblical values.

The goal of militant homosexuals has always been to ban the Bible, as it relates to sodomy. The persecution of the Philly 4 is an ominous step in that direction.


Earlier this week, the Texas Supreme Court heard a landmark case involving a challenge to the state's authority to regulate seminaries.

In Texas, the state claims the right to approve the directors, professors and curriculum of seminaries. The Tyndale Seminary was fined $173,000 by the state for operating a seminary and issuing degrees in theology without a state license. Plaintiffs, including an African-American seminary and a Hispanic Bible Institute, are represented by the Liberty Legal Institute (

Says Kelly Shackelford, the Institute's chief counsel: "The outcome will forever determine the way the future leaders of our churches are trained. If the state controls the religious training and education of church leaders, it is able to control all of our churches and religious organization."

Then, it won't be long before bureaucrats are telling ministers what sermons to preach on Sunday.

Where are the ACLU and Americans United Against Separation of Church and State? What happened to their much-vaunted "wall of separation"? Is it it intended only to keep religious values out of political affairs, but to allow government to interfere with religious institutions any way it chooses?

If Christians don't get involved in politics, politicians will soon be running the churches.


"Essence," the most successful black women's magazine, has launched a full-frontal assault on hip-hop lyrics and music videos.

The publication is furious over the degradation of black women by this genre. Says editor Diane Weathers: "We started looking at the media war on young girls, the hypersexualization that keeps pushing them in sexual directions at younger and younger ages... We found rap lyrics astonishing, brutal, misogynistic ... So we said we were going to pull no punches, especially since women were constantly being assaulted."

Hip-Hop is infamous for treating women as objects of lust, scorn and abuse. It glorifies the so-called "pimp culture," based on the physical and economic exploitation of women. Artists (and I use the word loosely), who probably belong in prison, have made fortunes performing these sick, savage songs. White record producers are equally culpable.

We live in a toxic culture, where children are sexualized, women dishonored and families besieged. It's encouraging to see a prominent black publication joining the fray. Cultural polluters are well-heeled, hence powerful. In this battle, Christians need all the allies they can get.


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