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Vol. 1 No.7                                                                                                                                   October 5, 2004

          From the Desk of Pastor Rick Scarborough

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “And we will be back. And we will be back. We will never give up. We will protect marriage in this country.” (House Whip Tom DeLay in floor debate on the Marriage Protection Amendment”)


The Federal Marriage Amendment failed in its first House vote last Thursday. Constitutional amendments require a two-thirds vote to pass Congress. The House voted 227 to 186 in favor of the Marriage Protection Act (H.R. Res. 106), far short of the 290 votes needed.

But every member of the House is now on record, and will himself be the object of a vote in less than a month.

In the midst of the floor debate on the amendment, my friend House Whip Tom DeLay said some things worth noting. Here are two quotes from his cogent remarks.

“Mr. Speaker. . .the definition of marriage will be a matter of constitutional law one day very soon. The question before us is whether that definition will be radical and arbitrary or based on the experience of human civilization dating back to the origin of our species; whether that definition will be written by individual judges imposing their political biases on the nation, or written by the people of the United States through their elected representatives in Congress and the states.” 

DeLay then reminded his colleagues of the consequences of ignoring judicial activism. “We did not stand up before and there have been 45 million children killed because we did not stand up to activist judges responding to a strategy of using the courts to legislate.”

The September 30th vote was only the beginning. We will keep working, keep educating, and keep petitioning our leaders until the Bible’s definition of marriage is part of our Constitution. Tom DeLay has reminded us of where our duty lies.


It wasn’t enough for the secular left to banish Roy Moore’s Ten Commandments monument, and remove Moore as Chief Justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court. They even tried to ruin him financially. Thank God they did not succeed.

On September 28, Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Tracy McCooey dismissed a $550,000 civil suit against Judge Moore. The defendants, associated with the ACLU, tried to sue Moore, on behalf of the state of Alabama, to recover legal fees the state was forced to pay the ACLU, Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Under federal law, if a state loses a First Amendment case, it’s required to pay the plaintiffs’ legal fees. But his adversaries wanted to take that a step further – by forcing Moore himself to compensate the state for money paid out to plaintiffs’ lawyers. Judge McCooey ruled the suit had no legal basis and dismissed it.

The objective was to destroy Judge Moore to set an example -- so that officials wouldn’t dare stand up for their constitutional right to acknowledge God publicly. This suit showed just how far liberals are willing to go in their attempt to rewrite our history, obliterate the Constitution’s original meaning, and drive God from the public square. For more  information on Judge Moore’s ongoing travails, visit the Foundation for Moral Law website –


He may have been a star at the Republican National Convention, but California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is no hero to the family.

The Campaign for California Families ( notes that the ex-actor has signed most of the anti-family legislation that’s landed on his desk.

On September 30, the governor gave his official approval to: forcing insurance companies to equate homosexual partners with married spouses, including cross-dressers and transsexuals in the state’s hate-crimes law (which provides more severe penalties for crimes against certain favored groups), allowing pharmacists to sell needles without a prescription to heroin addicts, and creating state-approved “solemnization ceremonies” for gay lovers.

The Austrian-born actor has absorbed the values of Hollywood, where he spent the last 25 years. Sadly, the Republican Party’s national leadership embraces this social liberal on steroids. Family activists must continue to monitor Schwarzenegger and publicize his record to those who might be deceived by the governor’s sometimes conservative rhetoric.


Proposition 71 on the California ballot in November would force the state’s taxpayers to spend $3 billion dollars to fund embryonic stem-cell research. Proponents, including venture capitalists who hope to profit financially from the measure, have raised $10.7 million for a media blitz.

The cost to taxpayers aside (the money to finance research would be borrowed, raising the cost to $6 billion over time), the dubious benefits aside (the benefits of embryonic stem-cell research are purely theoretical), Californians are being asked to subsidize the destruction of innocent life.

These stem cells are extracted from unborn children, who are then destroyed. Human life would be created so that it could be obliterated. Society would cannibalize its children for imaginary medical advances.

Proposition 71 is pure evil. Pray that it doesn’t pass.



Yesterday, voter registration ended in 16 states, including key battleground states like Pennsylvania. However, some states allow registration as late as 10 days before the election.

Those who oppose us are bending every effort to register like-minded voters.  To find out when voter registration ends in your state, go to the Vision America website ( Use the “register to vote link.” For Christians, voting isn’t an option, but a sacred duty.


In a little more than two weeks, on October 15th, a Mayday for Marriage Rally will take place on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., from Noon to 3pm.

The non-partisan, inter-denominational gathering will be addressed by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Dr. James Dobson, Chuck Colson, Tony Perkins of The Family Research Council, Alan Chambers of Exodus International, and Dr. Richard Lamb of the Southern Baptist Convention, among other luminaries.

For more information, including registration and transportation for the rally, go to


Also on the Mall in Washington, an America for Jesus Rally will be held on October 22, from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, with a Praise and Worship Celebration from 6:00 pm to Midnight.

The America for Jesus website ( has issued this clarion call: “On October 22, 2004, we will gather once again in Washington, D.C., at the word of the Lord, and call the body of Christ to a day of fasting and prayer, so that the Lord would hear our plea to heal and save our nation.”

I’ve been honored with an invitation to address this historic gathering. Expect more details in future Patriot Pastor Alerts.


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Register Voters – Pastors, the deadline is fast approaching to register voters. These vary from state to state, from as many as 30 days to as few as 10 days prior to Election Day. For registration requirements in your state, contact the secretary of state’s office or go to our website, and use the “register to vote” link.


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