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Vol. 1 No.13                                                                                                                                   October 26, 2004

          From the Desk of Pastor Rick Scarborough


I was honored to take part in the America for Jesus Rally last Friday, on the National Mall in Washington. D.C.

While the turnout was less than organizers had hoped, the purpose of the day – prayer and repentance – was fully realized. Numerous spiritual leaders from diverse backgrounds – among them Rod Parsley of Breakthrough Ministries and Allan Parker, CEO of the Texas Justice Foundation – led those present (and millions watching at home) in prayer for our nation.

The rally was broadcast to 335 million homes worldwide, by the CBN and other Christian broadcasters. In my remarks, I called on pastors to be politically active and to help debunk the deadly myth of separation of church and state.

As the rally’s principal organizer, Bishop John Gimenez, so eloquently put it: “Our nation is in moral decline... . While we have soldiers fighting in other lands to protect our freedom, Christians must be willing to defend our faith with humble prayer and fasting."


You will find no more avid proponent of homosexual rights and what is euphemistically called the gay lifestyle than The New York Times. This makes an article the paper ran on October 20th (“Key West, Suddenly Shy, Puts Pasties on Its Party’) particularly revealing.

Whenever homosexuals take over a city (San Francisco, Provincetown, Mass), or neighborhood therein, the result in an open sewer of sensuality and perversion. Key West is no exception.

According to the Times’ story, the city of 80,000 boasts (?) dozens of strip clubs, “clothing optional” restaurants, nude body-painting shops, and gay bars. The article casually notes, “It is widely assumed that there is sex in the backrooms of some of the clubs, mostly in the gay ones... .” A stripper quoted in the piece expresses shock at what goes on in the alternative-lifestyle establishments – “Oral sex right there in front of everyone. I couldn’t believe it.”

Like most of the establishment media, The New York Times goes out of its way to portray homosexuals are models of middle-class normalcy. Yet, wherever they exist in numbers, it’s practically a non-stop orgy.

There should be billboards on the outskirts of the city proclaiming: “If You Want to See What Homosexuals Have In Store For America, Come to Key West – If You Have The Stomach For It!”

Pray for the deliverance of these misguided and lost souls, and for the deliverance of our nation from back-ally behavior that threatens to takeover Main Street America.


When voters go to the polls in exactly one week, they won’t just be electing a president, members of Congress and other officeholders. In 13 states – a record number – they will also cast ballots on the definition of marriage.

In these states (including key swing states like Ohio, Oregon and Michigan), voters will be asked to approve constitutional amendments defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

Family activists collected millions of signatures to secure ballot status for the initiatives. Gay militants fought tooth and nail to keep them off the ballot. Seth Kilbourn, national field director of the Human Rights Campaign (a homosexual advocacy group), says the measures were put on the ballot by “extremists.”

In other words, if you believe in the Bible, if you believe in the millennia-old definition of the family (which serves as the foundation for Western Civilization), if you oppose the devolution of America to the morality of Key West, you’re an extremist in the eyes of the Human Rights Campaign.

I predict that these ballot measures will win handily – even in liberal states. (Earlier this year, identical amendments were overwhelmingly approved in Louisiana and Missouri – with majorities approaching 80%.)

This should prove a major impetus for the pending Federal Marriage Amendment. The American people aren’t going to allow the courts – and the Human Rights Campaign – to force a perverted definition of marriage on the nation.


On October 20th, the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Property heard testimony on religious persecution -- not in China, Saudi Arabia or North Korea, but right here, in the land of the free and home of the brave.

The Liberty Legal Institute, located in Plano, Texas, presented a 51-page report titled “Examples of Hostility to Religious Expression in the Public Square.”

Among other outrages, the report cites the following: In St. Louis, Missouri, a 12-year-old was reprimanded for quietly saying grace before eating her lunch in the school cafeteria. In Massachusetts, students at a public high school were suspended for handing out candy canes with Bible verses attached to their classmates. At a New Jersey veterans’ cemetery, a member of an honor guard (and a Vietnam vet) was fired for saying, “God bless you” to the family of a deceased.

There’s a well-financed, powerful campaign to expunge religious expression in public places. The report identifies the chief culprits as the American Civil Liberties Union, People for the American Way and Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

More such exposes – as well as Congressional action to safeguard religious liberty – are urgently needed. To read the entire report, go to the Institute’s website – .



The Bob Gorham of Rocky Mount, N.C., has devised a unique method of encouraging Christian voter participation – a “Contract To Vote.”

Bob is encouraging pastors to print out and photocopy the contract (available at and distribute copies at services this Sunday.

The contract reads: “Whereas: I recognize the need for me to support and strengthen the heritage of my country. Whereas: I realize that it is my responsibility to preserve the future of America for my children. Whereas: I can no longer sit on my sofa and feel warm and fuzzy...nor can I just sit in my church’s sanctuary as a place of refuge and protection. I must get off the sofa and out of the pew...and do something. Whereas: I am willing to stand up...take action...and participate in the future of America. I do solemnly promise to vote on Nov. 2, 2004.... So help me God.”

The contract is to be signed in church, taken home and prominently displayed as a reminder of the importance of Christian voter participation. Vision America has been promoting voter awareness and participation since our founding. We are delighted to recommend the Contract to Vote to our Patriot Pastors.

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