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Vol. 1 No.19                                                                                                                                 November 16, 2004

          From the Desk of Pastor Rick Scarborough


To much fanfare, the movie “Kinsey” (subtitle: “Let’s Talk About Sex”) opens this week. If you go by the reviews, you’d think the Indiana University zoologist was a secular saint – a benefactor to humanity on par with Edison and Pasteur.

Kinsey helped us to “overcome our sexual inhibitions” (as if inhibitions were a bad thing) and “face reality,” we are told.

My friends, these are lethal lies. Alfred C. Kinsey was a charlatan and a monster. His so-called research – which alleged that 45% of husbands had extramarital affairs, and 10% to 37% of all men engaged in homosexual acts – was based on data from prisoners and sexual psychopaths!

Worse, his research involved the sexual abuse of children (from infants to 15 year-olds) by pedophiles, in order to gather data on what’s called childhood sexuality. In other words, the Founding Father of the Sexual Revolution based his work on fraud and rape.

Kinsey’s offspring include rampant venereal disease, soaring rates of illegitimacy, one-in-two marriages ending in divorce and a multi-billion-dollar pornography industry. (More than 100,000 websites purvey child pornography -- a disease that generates $3 billion annually.)

While it attacks Christians at every turn, Hollywood celebrates beasts like Kinsey.


While liberals continue to berate Christians over the past election (They’ve taken to referring to the red states as “Jesusland”), the Catalogue for Philanthropy’s 2004 Generosity Index points up an interesting phenomenon.

According to the Index, the 10 most generous states (in terms of per capita charitable donations) all are in the South and West. They include Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama and Tennessee.

The ten least charitable states (also based on population) are in New England, the Mid-Atlantic region and the upper Midwest – among them Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

It’s no coincidence that the most charitable states also have the highest church attendance The stingiest are the most secular. People who worship regularly feel obligated to share their good fortune with the needy. What liberals derisively call “Jesusland” is the heart and conscience of America.


It’s almost unbelievable. Thanks to the aggressiveness of the ACLU, and the cowardice of the Department of Defense, military bases will no longer be able to sponsor Boy Scout troops.

In 1999, the ACLU sued DOD, alleging that the Boy Scout oath (“I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country. . .”) makes government sponsorship unconstitutional.

But, those who serve on America’s military bases also take an oath, which concludes with the words “So help me God.” What’s the difference? The ACLU isn’t ready to tackle the Oath of Military Service – just yet -- but perceives the Boy Scouts as vulnerable.

Many of the soldiers and Marines serving so nobly in Fallujah wore the Boy Scout uniform before they donned their country’s uniform. It’s the Boy Scouts, not the ACLU, which inculcates such virtues as duty and honor – thus laying the foundation for future service to the nation.

And to think that this comes from George Bush’s Defense Department. Call the White House and demand that DOD’s agreement with the ACLU be set aside.


Some Christians are hailing the decision of a federal judge permitting the City of Cranston, Rhode Island to allow a privately owned religious Christmas display on public property, thus rejecting a suit by the ACLU.

There are also private secular holiday displays in the same area. On a clearly posted sign, the city proclaims: “The public displays are strictly from private citizens or groups. They in no way represent the official view of the City of Cranston, nor are they endorsed by the city.” And would the world end if the city should “officially” recognize a holiday celebrated by 96% of the American people?

A privately owned crèche nestled among plastic Santas, reindeer and Kwanza symbols is no victory at all. Despite the Supreme Court’s wall-of-separation dogma, Christians must fight for the right to publicly acknowledge God. That means public display of The Ten Commandments, religious expression (including prayers) in the schools and religious displays in city parks on Christmas. Anything less is a defeat.



Despite the coordinated campaign to keep pro-abortion Arlen Specter from assuming the chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee – which will pass on the president’s judicial nominations – the prospects aren’t good.

No other Senator has expressed an interest in the job. Specter has been furiously trying to remake himself as a moderate (after his post-election declaration that judicial nominees who don’t believe Roe vs. Wade is “inviolate” would not be confirmed.) And conservative Senators are lying low. As of this writing, none has expressed his opposition to the pseudo-Republican.

Still, it’s not too late to voice your protest. Even if Specter’s colleagues on the committee go along with the farce, his chairmanship still must be confirmed by the entire Republican Conference (every Republican Senator). If your state is represented by a Republican in the Senate, call him (her/them) and ask them to oppose a man who’s dedicated to helping undo the results of the last election.

Remember, if not for Specter, Robert Bork would sit on the Supreme Court instead of Anthony Kennedy. Roe vs. Wade would have been overturned and many terrible 5-4 decisions would have gone the other way


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