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Vol. 1 No.21                                                                                                                                 November 23, 2004

          From the Desk of Pastor Rick Scarborough


Like me, you were probably shocked by the brawl at the end of the Pistons-Pacers game last Friday. After he was hit with a cup thrown by a fan, Indiana forward Ron Artest charged into the stands and began punching Pistons’ fans.

For this barbarism, the NBA suspended Artest for the remainder of the season. Penalties were also assessed against other players involved in the fracas.

Though it’s unlikely to happen, Artest should be charged with assault and, if convicted, sent to jail.

The behavior of athletic thugs becomes progressively more outrageous. In 2003, two Yankees players beat a Red Sox groundskeeper so severely that he sustained broken teeth and was left with cleat marks on this body. For this, the players were sentenced to community service.

The savagery we saw at the NBA game is yet another manifestation of post-Christian America. When a society turns its back on God, the jungle reasserts itself and animal behavior becomes the norm.

Instead of good sportsmanship, we have “gangsta” athletes – over-paid, over-indulged, over-grown children without consciences or moral restraints.


Despite an outpouring of opposition from right-to-lifers and Christian activists, Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has secured the support of his Republican colleagues for chairmanship of the crucial Senate Judiciary Committee.

Specter created a furor the day after the election when he told an interviewer that judicial nominees who did not believe Roe v. Wade was “inviolate” could not be confirmed.

As a concession to the people who elected them, the GOP leadership exacted a pledge from Specter that he would not block conservative judges. (Specter, “I have not and would not use a litmus test to deny confirmation to pro-life nominees.”)

While this commitment is better than nothing, it’s hard to imagine a worse Republican to head the committee that vets judicial nominees than Arlen Specter. For politicians, principles are a campaign gimmick.


Cadets at the US Air Force Academy are being warned not to share their faith. The administration now considers overt expressions of faith to be a form of harassment.

While 90% of cadets come from Catholic or Protestant families, apparently, some non-Christians feel intimidated by the exercise of free-speech rights.

Among the coercion cited in a student-survey was the fact that some cadets suggested that their squadron see “The Passion of Christ” as a group. Also, some Christians are so insensitive as to include Bible verses at the bottom of their e-mails.

Are we to believe that future officers -- trained to endure physical and psychological torture -- are intimidated by an invitation to a movie?

As of November 2, the academy has instituted a mandatory program called Respecting the Spiritual Values of People, designed to “sensitize” Christians. One administrator wanted to ban Bible study groups in cadets’ rooms, but was overruled by the commandant.

Not everyone is sanguine about these moves. Congressman Joel Hefley, whose district includes Colorado Springs, told a local paper: “The motto of the nation cadets are trained to defend is ‘In God We Trust’. They are serving under a flag that we pledge allegiance to under God. Religion does have a place at the Academy.”

Last year, the Air Force Academy was rocked by allegations of sexual assault against female cadets. (There were over 65 reported incidents.) The brass may not have figured it out, but more Christianity might result in more sexual restraint and an increase in civility.


In a culture in moral free-fall, I suppose it was inevitable. Several networks are looking at a proposed “reality-based” series that encourages adultery.

The show would follow the lives of adulterous couples who met on a Toronto-based website for husbands and wives who want to cheat on their spouse. Reportedly, 280,000 people have joined the “service,” since it went online two years ago.

In the latest sick twist on a degenerate culture, adultery becomes entertainment.

Family counselor Brett Williams told Fox News that “cheating” websites are undermining families – hardly a revelation, but indisputably true. “They’re basically destroying the fabric of our society,” Williams told Fox. “Our society is built on family units. Once that decays, we’re not going to have much of a society.”

Yes, but in the entertainment industry, corporate profits based on titillation invariably outweigh social responsibility. Both NBC and HBO have indicated an interest in the sinful series. We’ll keep you posted on developments here.


Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving  - a holiday with deep religious roots. The next Patriot Pastor Alert will go out on November 26,2004.


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