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July 22, 2004

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Vision America President Dr. Rick Scarborough praised the House of Representatives for passing The Marriage Protection Act today.

“Finally – finally – there’s a legislative body with the courage to stand up to judicial tyranny,” Scarborough said. “While the U.S. Senate disgraced itself by failing to pass the Federal Marriage Amendment (not even a simple majority voted for it), the House heaped glory on itself today. This proves, once again, that the House of Representatives is more representative of the will of the people than the upper chamber.”

The Marriage Protection Act limits the jurisdiction of the federal courts. Specifically, the legislation bars federal judges from ordering states to recognize homosexual marriages performed in other states. The act passed the House by a decisive vote of 233 to 194.

“Now that the high court of Massachusetts has forced gay marriage on an entire state, there’s a danger that this decision will go national,” Scarborough warned.

If a federal court decides to compel Ohio or Michigan to grant “full faith and credit” to Massachusetts’ same-sex unions, then we’ll have gay marriage on a national scale.

It will be interested to see what the Senate does with this legislation. Scarborough noted:  “In rejecting the Federal Marriage Amendment, the rallying cry of liberal Senators was ‘leave it up to the states.’ That’s exactly what The Marriage Protection Act does – it says the federal courts can’t interfere. Liberal Senators will have to change their tune once again, making manifest their hypocrisy.”

Vision America has long advocated limiting the jurisdiction of the federal courts on both marriage and public expressions of faith.

JULY 15, 2004




Vision America expressed dismay at yesterday’s ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th. Circuit, which held that a Ten Commandments poster in an Ohio courtroom is unconstitutional.

The appeals court ruled that James DeWeese, a judge of the Common Pleas Court of Richland County, could not display the Decalogue in his courtroom.

Vision America, which has waged an unrelenting struggle for the right to acknowledge God publicly, said the ruling was another chapter in the federal judiciary’s war on America’s Biblical heritage.

Said Vision America President Rick Scarborough: “It’s hardly possible to walk into a government building in Washington, D.C., without seeing some reference to the Ten Commandments or the Bible.”

Scarborough noted: “Above the main entrance to the Supreme Court Building is a relief of Moses holding The Ten Commandments. Tablets, with the Roman numerals 1 through 10, are engraved on the oak door leading to the courtroom. According to the 6th. Circuit, the U.S. Supreme Court is violating the Constitution on a daily basis.”

“Federal courts have tortured and twisted the meaning of First Amendment to such an extent that it would be unrecognizable to the Founding Fathers – who were, almost to a man, devout Christians,” Scarborough charged.

The Vision America president said it’s significant that on the same day the 6th Circuit Court issued its edict against the Ten Commandments, the United States Senate voted against the family, by failing to pass the Federal Marriage Amendment to the Constitution.

“Faith and family will stand or fall together,” Scarborough declared. “The God who gave us The Ten Commandments established marriage as the union of a man and a woman. The left – including the judicial left – is dedicated to eradicating America’s Judeo-Christian heritage to pave the way for the brave new world of secular humanism, including homosexual marriage.”

Vision America has been actively involved in defense of public displays of The Ten Commandments and in fighting to preserve marriage. For more information, visit our website – 

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