If There Were No America


by Dan Patrick

	If there were no America
	Who would have defeated evil in WW II
	Who would have torn down the iron curtain
	What would the world look like today
	For that no one can be certain...
	If there were no America
	Who would clothe and feed the poor
	Yet never ask to be repaid
	Who would be willing to help friend or foe
	Whenever asked for aid
	If there were no America
	Where would the world turn for hope
	Where would dreams become a reality
	Who would keep freedom's torch burning
	And where would the oppressed flee...
	If there were no America
	Who would stand for justice for all
	Where would God's glory be proclaimed
	Where would everyone rights be championed
	And where would the freedom of religion reign
	If there were no America
	Nowhere and no one would be safe
	Evil would have a license to prevail
	All hope would be lost
	And every life would be for sale
	If there were no America
	The rights of the minority would be vanquished
	Dissenting voices would not be allowed
	Elections would be controlled and corrupted
	Individualism lost to the mob and the crowd
	If there were no America
	The world would never have known
	How great a coutry can be
	When liberty is its' core value
	And its people are truly free
	If there were no America
	The word hero would have a lesser meaning
	There would be no home of the brave or land of the free
	The stars and the stripes would never have flown
	To help change the course of history
	Let's hope that the world never forgets
	The one country they can always trust
	For where would they turn in their darkest hours
	If there was no America.  
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