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Vol. 2  No.7                                                                                                                              February 16, 2005

From the Desk of Pastor Rick Scarborough


The President has re-nominated 20 judicial candidates who never received an up-or-down vote from the Senate during his first term. Liberal Senators have employed the extraordinary and unconstitutional tactic of a permanent filibuster to block a vote on Mr. Bush's more conservative nominees.

The results have been devastating. Kay Daly of the Coalition for a Fair Judiciary ( notes that the confirmation rate for nominees to the federal courts has fallen from 89% under Ronald Reagan to 69% under George W. Bush.

While it took an average of 87 days for a nominee to be confirmed under Presidents Carter and Reagan, it's taken an average of 426 days for our President's nominees to move through the Senate, thus denying them a fair vote.

The District of Columbia Court of Appeals has been described as the most powerful circuit court in the land. It's not unusual for future Supreme Court justices to be groomed on the DC court. Over 80% of Clinton's picks for the DC Circuit were confirmed. The confirmation rate for President Bush's nominees for this crucial circuit court is a mere 33%.

The president has made it clear he intends to fight. Left-wing interest groups are determined to continue their control of the federal bench extending the legacy of constitutional revisionism. Christians must work tirelessly for the outstanding men and women the President has nominated for the federal courts who stand for a strict enforcement of the Constitution, standing for life and family.


I'm delighted to report to you that substantial progress has been made on our April 7-8 conference (Confronting The Judicial War on Faith).

A group of distinguished Americans who lead national pro-life and pro-family organizations, have come together to form The Judeo-Christian Coalition For Constitutional Restoration.

The Executive Committee includes: Dr. Jerry Falwell, Mike Farris (Home School Legal Defense Fund), former Vatican Ambassador and Boston Mayor Ray Flynn, Alveda King (niece of the late Martin Luther King), Rabbi Daniel Lapin of Toward Tradition, Ron Luce (Teen Mania), Dave Meyer (Joyce Meyer Ministries), Fr. Frank Pavone (Priests for Life), myself, and Phyllis Schlafly.

We’re planning an exciting, action-oriented two-day event at the Washington Marriot.

We are determined to fight judicial tyranny, restore Constitutional balance in government and work for fairness for conservative nominees for the federal courts.

If you’re interested in attending the conference, call 866-522-5582, or log on to the website


The Church of England has been in spiritual turmoil for decades. A 2002 survey showed that just 76% of its clergy believe that Jesus died to atone for our sins, only 56% believe in the resurrection and a bare majority (53%) believe that faith in Jesus is the only way to salvation.

Last year, the full Synod of the Church narrowly rejected a proposal to conduct heresy trial for – well, heretics. Those found guilty would be de-frocked and removed from their pulpits.

Earlier this week, the Synod’s House of Laity voted overwhelmingly in support of heresy trials. Acting independently, the House of Bishops agreed to reintroduce the proposal.

Comments from the laity were enlightening. “What is faith if we do not preach Christ crucified, Christ risen, Christ glorified?” asked delegate Margaret Brown. “We will not get very far in winning souls for Christ, which is what we should be doing all the time.”

Delegate Peter LeRoy reminded the meeting that an Anglican is currently defined as someone “who can believe anything they want – as long as it is not too strongly.”

The same spiritual error is rife in America’s mainline churches. There are men and women who want the title and the respect that goes with being called a minister, while preaching liberal dogma instead of the Gospel of Jesus.

What is happening in the Church of England reflects a growing revolt in the pews. Pray that faithful clergy and laity bring their errant churches back to belief.


Satan knows how to attack God's Champions.

Maya Keyes, daughter of our beloved friend and colleague, Dr. Alan Keyes, has “come out”, announcing that she is a “liberal queer.” Sadly, even in the best of Christian homes, the culture manages to lure children from the path of Truth.

Because of the notoriety of Dr. Keyes, the press has had a field day with this revelation. Dr. Keyes and his wife have once again demonstrated their strength of character as they have expressed their undivided love for their daughter while refusing to concede their Biblical convictions that homosexuality is wrong.

I have no doubt that in time God will restore Maya to her family and her family's faith. In the meantime, they remain in our prayers.

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