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Vol. 1 No.2                                                                                                                               September 14, 2004

          From the Desk of Pastor Rick Scarborough


This coming Saturday (September 18) Louisianans will vote on an amendment to their state constitution defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman. It’s expected to pass easily.

Missouri enacted a similar amendment in August, by a 71% vote. From Ohio to Oregon, as many as 10 more states could be voting on marriage amendments on November 2nd.  Presently, 32 states have codified marriage by amendment or statute.

Homosexual militants have tried everything imaginable to keep such measures off the ballot. Knowing that they can’t win democratically, their strategy has always been to keep the marriage issue firmly in the hands of liberal judges.

That tens of thousands of pro-family activists are rallying to prevent marriage from becoming a free-form institution is cause for rejoicing.



            The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has withdrawn recognition from the Alpha Iota Omega Christian fraternity for refusing to subscribe to the school’s sexual orientation non-discrimination policy.

          The policy requires clubs to admit to membership those living a homosexual lifestyle. No exception is made for religious belief.

          For the fraternity, it’s a matter of violating Scriptures (which unequivocally condemns homosexual acts), or losing recognition and with it use of campus facilities and financial support. Alpha Iota Omega chose a third course. With the help of the Alliance Defense Fund, it has filed suit against the University. (The Supreme Court has held that private organizations have a right to determine their membership.)

          Christians shouldn’t be required to deny their faith to achieve equal access. Pray for the success of Alpha Iota Omega’s suit.



          Federal District Court Judge Jan E. DuBois just struck down a Pennsylvania law designed to combat the odious evil of child pornography. The statute required Internet providers to block Websites containing child pornography, which even the overly tolerant U.S. Supreme Court says may be banned.

          This is but the latest instance of activist judges legislating from the bench – using the Constitution as an excuse to invalidate laws they don’t like, or to radically remake society to conform to their secularist ideology. The latter was seen most clearly last year, when 4 judicial autocrats in Massachusetts forced same-sex marriage on an entire state.

          The next president will have the power to appoint as many as one-third of all federal judges, and fill an estimated two to three vacancies on the Supreme Court. The Founding Fathers never intended the federal judiciary to exercise such extraordinary power. Since it does, it is crucial that we have a president who will appoint judges committed to original intent and judicial restraint.



Federal Hate-Crimes Legislation

            The Senate has passed S. 966 (the Smith/Kennedy Hate Crimes Bill) as an amendment to a Defense Department authorization act. The measure adds “sexual-orientation” to existing federal hate crimes law, as well as increasing penalties for these offenses.

Pro-family activists are concerned that the legislation eventually could be used to punish Biblical viewpoints, including preaching that homosexuality is a sin.

The measure is currently before a House-Senate conference committee. Both Speaker Dennis Hastert and House Whip Tom DeLay want to remove the hate-crimes amendment. They need your support and encouragement. Please contact Dennis Hastert  at (202) 225-0600 and Tom DeLay at (202) 225-4000




            Focus on the Family, Family Research Council and American Family Association have designated this coming Sunday, September 19th – Protect Marriage Sunday. Pastors are urged to preach sermons on the sanctity of marriage as the foundation of civilization.


          Monday (September 20th) is Call Your Representative Day. The House of Representatives will vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment this Fall. Every member of that body is up for reelection on November 2. It is crucial that Congressmen hear from constituents who believe (as Anita Bryant used to say) that God created Adam and Eve, and not Adam and Steve.

          For more information on Protect Marriage Sunday and Call Your Representative Day, go to

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