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Vol. 1 No.15                                                                                                                                   November 1, 2004

          From the Desk of Pastor Rick Scarborough


We are less than 24 hours away from the end of what well may be the most momentous campaign in our history.

Very soon, voters across the United States will be going to the polls to elect a president, 33 Senators and the entire House of Representatives. In 11 states, they'll also be voting on constitutional amendments banning the travesty known as gay marriage.

The stakes could not be higher. Everything from the course of the war on terrorism, to the economy, to protection of the unborn, to the sanctity of marriage, to our right as Americans to publicly acknowledge God could well hinge on the choices voters make tomorrow.

Since our founding in 1998, Vision America has preached the necessity of Christian voter participation. For Christians, voting isn't an option, but a sacred duty. We cannot stand idly by and watch as our society devolves into Babylon with instant-messaging.

For the past year, we've urged our Patriot Pastors to register voters and to educate their congregations (from a Christian perspective) on the vital issues this election revolves around.

But there's more we can do.

Please e-mail and call as many people as possible and remind them of the importance of voting. In the 2000 election, if fewer than 1,000 votes had gone the other way in Florida, Al Gore would have carried the state and been elected president. Many pastors have more than a thousand people sitting in the pews at a typical Sunday service.

By all accounts, this election could be just as close. In a number of swing states, the presidential candidates are in a dead heat, or separated by half a percentage point in the polls. Experts tell us that the outcome will be decided by which side does a better job of getting its people to the polls.

Homosexual activists, feminists, the abortion lobby, militant secularists and their allies will spare no effort to turn out like-minded voters. We dare not do less.

For Patriot Pastors and other concerned Christians, tomorrow's focus must be on bringing out a huge Christian vote. Citizens who understand that our nation was founded on Biblical precepts, grew to greatness with Biblical precepts, and cannot long endure without Biblical precepts, must vote in record numbers.

We can also pray that this people will be saved - that America once again will be one nation under God.

Our efforts alone are insufficient. In times of trouble (in such times as these) our greatest leaders - Washington, Lincoln and Reagan, among others - urged the American people to humbly beseech the Almighty for deliverance.

We need to pray and vote; vote and pray. In the words of the World War II song: "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. And we'll all stay free."

The outcome of this election is in our hands, and in God's hands. By our commitment, our efforts and our prayers, we can prove that we are worthy of redemption.

Please pass on this message to your friends, family, members of your church, colleagues and anyone else you feel would benefit from these words.

Postscript: Instead of our usual Tuesday and Thursday schedule, this week's Patriot Pastor Alerts will come to you on Monday and Wednesday. You'll receive the next Alert the day after the election.


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