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Vol. 1 No.18                                                                                                                                 November 11, 2004

          From the Desk of Pastor Rick Scarborough


Arlen Specter, who’s in line to become the chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee (which passes on judicial nominations), is busy trying to remake himself.

Due to mounting pro-life opposition, Specter is desperately trying to convince conservatives that he is reasonable and wouldn’t dream of sabotaging Bush’s court appointments. This comes after he told an interviewer that Roe vs. Wade was “inviolate” and that no judge would be confirmed who wasn’t willing to pledge allegiance to abortion on demand.

Now, he’s furiously backpedaling. In a recent interview on Sean Hannity’s syndicated radio show, Specter said he didn’t have a pro-abortion litmus test and would give Bush judges the fair treatment they deserve.

The same fairness he showed Robert Bork? Specter was one of the few Republicans to vote against Bork’s 1986 Supreme Court nomination.

Following Specter’s interview, Hannity called Bork for his take on the controversy. The former Yale law professor said Specter is a cunning liberal who scurries to the right when it’s convenient. As chairman of the Judiciary Committee, the Pennsylvania Senator would be a disaster, Bork charged. Not only will he not fight for Bush judges, he’ll probably lead the charge against them, Bork observed.

If your state is represented by a Republican in the Senate, call him/them immediately and urge them to vote against Specter for this crucial chairmanship.


It’s now official. Former president Bill Clinton says the threat of homosexual marriage, and the presence of 11 traditional marriage amendments on state ballots, cost Kerry the election.

“Gay marriage was an overwhelming factor in the defeat of John Kerry,” Clinton told a college audience recently. The issue led to “an astonishing turnout among evangelical Christians who were voting on the basis on moral values,” the ex-president observed.

Clinton revealed he urged his party’s nominee to support at least a few of the referenda affirming traditional marriage. But Kerry (who says he opposes gay marriage) adamantly refused.

Clinton says the Democrats must do a better job of explaining their “values” to Christians. The trouble is we understand those values -- abortion is a right, homosexuality is normal, adultery is a private matter, etc. -- all too well.

The former president insisted, “ I do not believe either party has a monopoly on morality and truth” -- this from a serial adulterer who settled a sexual-harassment suit and lied under oath. Amazing!


A federal district judge in San Diego will allow a suit by a Christian student, alleging speech discrimination, to move forward.

The Poway Unified School District suspended student Chris Harper for wearing a T-shirt expressing the Bible’s perspective on the school’s “Day of Silence” sponsored by the district’s Gay-Straight Alliance. The front of Chris’ shirt read, “Be Ashamed” and “Our School Has Embraced What God Has Condemned.”

In other words, the district allows students and teachers to celebrate and promote homosexuality, but will punish dissent. Our praise and prayers go out to young Mr. Harper, who’s ably represented by the Alliance Defense Fund. Updates on his case may be found at  .


The Christian Legal Society chapter and Washburn University School of Law have reached a tentative settlement in a federal civil rights suit. CLS will withdraw the suit and the law school will resume funding the group.

Washburn U. revoked CLS funding based on the complaint of a student who wanted to lead a CLS Bible-study group, notwithstanding that, as a Mormon, his views contradict the CLS articles of faith. The student filed a religious discrimination complaint, and the university penalized CLS.

The Supreme Court has repeatedly held that private groups have a right to determine their own membership. Still, on campus after campus, Christian groups are told (in effect) to stop being Christian, or lose university support.

Taking this position to its logical conclusion, a Buddhist could demand the right to teach a catechism class at the Cardinal Newman Society and a Moslem could insist on a leading a discussion of the Talmud at the campus Hillel House.

Congratulations to the Washburn University School of Law Christian Legal Society on its victory over politically correct discrimination. CLS was represented by the Center for Law & Freedom of Religion ( )



My good friend Dr. Jerry Falwell, who launched a revolution when he started the Moral Majority in the late 1970s, is organizing a new group to capitalize on Christian participation in the last election.

The Faith and Values Coalition will mobilize evangelical Christians for a three-fold mission: 1) Confirmation of pro-life/original-intent justices for the Supreme Court and lower federal courts 2) Enactment of the Federal Marriage Amendment and 3) The election of another socially-fiscally-and politically-conservative president in 2008.

A website for The Faith and Values Coalition is currently under construction. In the meantime, inquires may be made by calling (434) 582-2950 at Liberty University.

Dr. Falwell is the founding father of Christian political activism. Our Patriot Pastor network stands ready to assist his latest project in any way that we can.


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