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            A Hunterís Prayer

                 by Rick Scarborough


                        Who but the Lord could conceive of the forest

                                    Paradoxically foreboding and serene

                        Comprised of thorns and trees and vines

                                    A sanctuary for man to redeem

                        The sanity of peace in world often filled

                                    With noise, disharmony and pain

                        As the sun bursts forth on an autumn day

                                    I am reminded of my temporal frame


                        Who am I in Godís grander scheme? 

                                    And why do men lift so high

                        Their meager and few accomplishments,

                                    When Godís reaches to the sky?

                        While I watch the sunrise of a glorious dawn

                                    Eagerly hoping to take a prize

                        The day breaks forth with a collection of nature

                                    Whose voices together rise

                        As one in harmony with the God of creation

                                    A concert of worship they raise

                        Creatures on cue for the wand of their creator

                                    Offer up glorious praise.


                        Two deer pass by on the forest floor

                                    In a ritual known as rut

                        I catch a glimpse, my heart beats fast

                                    I clutch my rifle, but

                        They disappear again in the forest

                                    Gone for at least today

                        But the thrill they bring to this hunterís heart

                                    Is greater than words can say


                        I know that God has favored me

                                    As a blessed and chosen son

                        Because I know with intimacy

                                    Godís Anointed One

                        He chose me long before I knew

                                    A thing about His grace.

                        He purchased me with own blood

                                    When He died for the human race.


                        We like to flatter ourselves with thoughts

                                    That we have chosen Him

                        But the fact remains that on the cross

                                    He chose to die for sin

                        Then rose again and called a few

                                    Sent from town to town

                        Until one day the Good news came

                                    and I, so lost, was found.


                        Now every day is a new adventure

                                    Whether I work or play or pray

                        Even when I go out hunting

                                    Itís for him I live each day

                        If I could impart one word to you

                                    Who happen to read this prose

                        Life is for Jesus and nothing else

                                    Take him wherever you go.


                        My greatest joy in all of life

                                    Is found when I take the time

                        To be still and know that He is Lord

                                    And allow Him to fill my mind

                        When that occurs it brings me peace

                                    And confidence that I

                        Can face the stiffest test of all

                                    Even watching a loved one die

                        Iím reminded as the sparrow sings

                                    And the Hawk floats in the skies

                        That Kathrynís spirit now soars in Heaven

                                    And that only the temporal dies.


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