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                                                A Place of No Pain


                                    On Wednesday morning, October 27

                                    2004 our Kathryn went to Heaven.

                                    Between 7AM and 7:15

                                    She left us for Jesus and places unseen.

                                    But she did not leave us without any hope

                                    For everywhere we look we discover more notes

                                    That she wrote down on paper while depression she fought

                                    She leaned on her Savior in word and in thought.

                                    She learned how to worship while fighting to live

                                    She learned how to love, how to pray and to give.

                                    Each day was a labor with less sunshine than rain

                                    But now she’s with Jesus in the place of no pain.


                                    At 25 some say her life was cut short

                                    That her prayers went unanswered and even ignored.

                                    But to those who were privileged to know her up close

                                    There is evidence abundant that she was the choice

                                    Of a God who responded to her greatest obsession

                                    To know Him and love him with reckless abandon.

                                    Hundreds of pages of journals of prayer

                                    Assure us that Kathryn is living up there

                                    Praising Her Savior with thousands of Saints

                                    Her victory secured in the place of no pain.


                                    The sorrow of loss crashes into our lives

                                    When we least expect it, we suddenly cry.

                                    But quickly our Lord gathers us unto Himself

                                    And reminds us that Kathryn at last has her health.

                                    She’s running the race that she cannot lose

                                    So we move forward with life and despair we refuse.

                                    We know where she is and we know how to find her

                                    We live each day with this blessed reminder.

                                    To live is Christ and to die is gain

                                    New life, forever, in a place of no pain.




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