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The Reverend Doctor Rick Scarborough,
Vision America

Dear Pastor Scarborough:

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ from the Dominion of Canada. Thank most sincerely for your act of Christian kindness! I am deeply honoured to have conferred upon me the status of Honorary Patriot Pastor. Although I am unworthy of your kindness I accept it with gratitude in our common ministry of reconciliation in Christ and on behalf of the countless unknown servants of Jesus who are giving and have given their life's energy and blood for the sake of the Gospel.

I concluded some while ago, as the clouds appeared on the horizon, that when the Province of Nova Scotia, where I live, legalized the travesty called same sex "marriage", a contradiction in terms, I would immediately return my government license for marriage registration. As the Reverend Doctor Lloyd Dale has observed, I still intend to solemnize marriages, but no longer recognize the government as a legitimate body with regard to marriage. Not surprisingly they disagree with me and I am given to understand that when I do so solemnize a marriage without their jurisdiction, that is to say one which has not previously received government certification by their official agent, I will be vulnerable to prosecution and imprisonment. So be it. Perhaps I should at that time apply to the United States for refugee of conscience status.

It is both my duty and privilege to declare to my government that marriage is a Divine Institution not a secular one, and that as one of God's lawfully ordained ministers in His Church, I am, by His authority and in His Name, called to solemnize the sacramental union between a man and a woman that "signifies the mystical union betwixt Christ and His Church." Where is the government's 'Canna'? where is the government's Institution? Jesus Christ is the Bridegroom of the Church! [Revelation 21:9] The Triune God Almighty is He Who "created man in His own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them" [Genesis 1:26-28] to share in His Creation, through the blessed fruit of their 'union' thus echoing in reverse symmetry, the mystery of the Trinity THREE IN ONE with ONE IN THREE at the "conception" of a child.

You see I am not brave at all, rather I fear God and therefore haven't any choice but to disobey my government in this matter, which is in fact not a true government at all, but merely "man proud man dres't in a little brief authority." I can but render to Caesar that which is his and to God that which is His. When Caesar demands otherwise I am called to take up my cross and follow my Lord Jesus Christ.

I am honoured to share in your ministry Pastor and thrilled to have what I consider to be an honorary American citizenship in the fellowship of Christ. Please know that beneath the shroud of media and governmental negativity, real Canadians share a love and respect for America. We are one blood under THE BLOOD of our Savior JESUS CHRIST. May God continue to bless your great country, may He uphold you in your own battle for marriage, may He defend you against terrorism, and may His Grace overcome those forces that would extricate his Holy Name from your pledge, deny His Holy Commandments and remove "In God we trust" from your lips. I am, in our Lord;

yours faithfully,

The Reverend Lewis H. How
Honorary Patriot Pastor
Parish of Saint George [Traditional Anglican Communion]
P.O. Box 2344,
Wolfville, Nova Scotia
B4P 2N5
The Dominion [Psalm 72:8] of Canada
Title from our Founding Fathers

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