The Rick Scarborough Report
September 28, 2007
Volume 3, Number 38

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1) Get Ready to Go To Jail, Preachers!!
2) Home Schoolers Being Persecuted in Germany
3) It's all About the Judges
4) Gala a Grand Success


In a shocking display of arrogance and transparent hatred of decency and tolerance for religious freedoms, Senator Ted Kennedy likened those who perpetrate crimes against homosexuals to terrorists as he again linked hate crime legislation to a Defense Department authorization bill. The bill passed the U.S. Senate by a vote of 60-39, proving once again that most senators prefer to cater to an immoral minority rather than fund our troops. No doubt some will assume and assert that I am defending hate crimes against homosexuals by the above statement. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

I am asserting that Senator Kennedy and his allies in the senate are now declaring open season on preachers and others who believe, as I do, that homosexuality is a sin--and that the Scripture makes it clear that it is a sin. If hate crime legislation is expanded to include homosexuals, as Kennedy and his comrades are determined to make it, the ACLU and other leftist legal eagles will finally have the federal authorization to silence Bible preachers across America.

Senator Kennedy, regardless of his denials, knows that federal criminal statutes hold equally accountable both the perpetrator of a federal crime and those who aid and abet the crime. The simple fact is, when this terrible legislation is passed--and signed into law--any preacher who preaches that homosexuality is sinful over the airways will then be liable for any "hate" crime perpetrated upon a homosexual--if it can be proven that that preacher's sermon could have prompted the perpetrator to criminally assault a homosexual.

The day this legislation passes religious freedom will no longer exist in America. Senator Kennedy is already laying the groundwork for such criminal pursuit of preachers when he equates those who commit crimes against homosexuals with terrorists. Why not equate all crimes against all Americans with acts of terrorists? What makes a crime against someone who practices sodomy more violent or despicable than a crime against a grandmother who is out shopping for her medications after dark and accosted by a crack-head? Yet that is the effect of hate-crimes legislation.

It is unnecessary, unfair and constitutionally unjustifiable. Yet Senator Kennedy and his allies in the senate will not stop until it is passed. Or until you and I make it clear that we will not surrender our freedoms. You MUST send your objections to this ungodly assault on religious freedoms and free speech now. Click here to send a message to President Bush encouraging him to again veto this ungodly legislation.;=287

Click here to send a fax to every U.S. congressman expressing your opposition to this legislation. Rest assured this same legislation will soon be presented to the House of Representatives.;_ID=2481

Click here to express your outrage to Senator Kennedy for his attack on religious freedom.


Attacks and persecution of Christians are growing around the world, but nowhere faster than in Germany. Missionaries are now being deported from Germany for the crime of not giving their children to government schools. Earlier this year the German government declared war on home schooling when a student was taken from her home and placed in a psychiatric ward for being home schooled.

Commenting on this growing assault on home schoolers in Germany, a spokesperson for Home School Legal Defense Alliance reported, "German officials appear to be more determined than ever to rid their country of influences that may contribute to the rise of what they call 'Parallelgesellschaften,' parallel societies. Never mind that Germany has hundreds of thousands of genuinely truant youth hanging around street corners; school officials have determined that parents diligently educating their children at home are a greater danger to German society." Mike Farris, founder of HSLDA, recently wrote to his constituents, "It seems as if a week doesn't go by without another family being threatened with fines, imprisonment or the loss of their children."

"In most cases families are fined, sometimes thousands of dollars, or when threatened with the removal of their children by German youth welfare authorities, have fled the country," he continued. "Other families have been (and remain) separated for years--the fathers remaining in Germany to provide for their families, and mothers and children living in another country where they are able to safely home school."

Why do I bother to bring this to your attention? There is a growing movement in the educational establishment in America to curtail the phenomenal growth of the home school movement in this country. As more and more parents opt to take their children out of failing government schools in the U.S., the edu-crats are growing increasingly fearful that their lock on billions of federal and state dollars may erode as the graduates of these home schools prove that viable alternatives exist to failing public schools.


In this new era of 24 hour continuous news, speculation is rampant about who will be the nominees from both major parties next November. Last week, James Dobson caused quite a stir with his pointed email announcing his refusal to support Fred Thompson, seriously wounding the Thompson candidacy if not fatally so. Just days before that, Mike Huckabee provided another stunning example of his growing strength among evangelical voters with his strong showing at the Value Voters debate and straw poll in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney seems to be doing all the right things in early primary states where his polling numbers are strongest, making his candidacy viable even though many values voters doubt the legitimacy of his conservative values.

And then there's Senator McCain--whom every God fearing American admires for his courage under fire and the price he paid for our freedoms as he languished in a Vietnamese prison camp for years. Unfortunately, bad advice during the 2000 campaign led to a denunciation of the religious right which some of us will never forget, and while he has sought and received forgiveness for that his assault on the American voters through McCain-Feingold has proved to be one transgression too many in the minds of most grass roots activists.

And lastly there's Mayor Giuliani, who in my opinion is the best Democrat to ever wear a Republican mantle. With his pro-gay, pro-choice values he continues to stun most of us on the front lines of the culture wars as he piles up money and endorsements from the party of pro-life and pro-family values, causing many value voters to lose heart and interest in showing up in the fall.

To all of that I say emphatically, "Grow UP!!!" When I hear my friends, and people I admire, saying that they will either stay home or go to a third party, I lose my patience. Five years ago I stepped out of a good pastorate to devote my full attention to educating pastors and congregations on what Christian citizenship truly means and teach them why Christians, of all people, should and must stay engaged. Now some of the men who most inspired me to get involved are acting like our movement is dead and the cause is lost.

And most remarkably, they are acting that way when we are the closest we have ever been to victory. We are arguably one vote short of overturning Roe v Wade and over thirty years of judicial activism which has decimated our country. The next president will likely appoint a minimum of two justices to the Supreme Court. Justice Stevens is 87 Years old and his health is failing. Justice Ginsburg is 74 and battling cancer. Many court observers believe these two justices are holding on now in the hope that a liberal president who shares their views for America will be in place in '08 to name their successors. I am committed to seeing to it that they are disappointed in that hope.

I have often said I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat, but I am a Christocrat--and I hold fast to my belief that God's Word is true and that He birthed the vision that became America. It was judges, not the people, who assaulted prayer and Bible reading in our public schools in the early 60s. And it was judges who decided that the school house and the court house was no place to post the Ten Commandments, not the people. And it was judges, not the people, who found a right of privacy in the U.S. Constitution that opened the door to abortion on demand and gay marriage.

The next president will determine whether our courts return to their constitutionally mandated responsibilities and cease legislating from the bench, or continue to erode America's long held biblical traditions. And I for one do not intend to sit idly by and allow evil to triumph because good men choose to do nothing--or worse, do the wrong thing.

I have often said in speeches to churches, "the only thing worse than not voting, is voting without a clue as to what you are voting for." When it comes time for the '08 elections, we must be armed with truth and determined to vote our values. If enough of us do that, we will get a president who will make the right choice when it comes to nominating judges. In '08, it's all about the judges!

So, what's a value voter to do? Wait, watch and pray. God will give us his man in his time. We may have to hold our nose as we vote in '08, but we must and we will vote. And if perchance we don't get everything we desire, we must stay engaged or America is lost. And we must not forget that this election is not just about the presidency. There are good men and women up and down the line who deserve our support and our prayers.

The last time I checked, the fat lady had not yet sung. Stay tuned and fight the good fight.


Vision America's annual dinner and gala turned out to be everything we could have hoped for and more. Over 500 people attended this wonderful event including Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, State Comptroller Susan Combs, more than 50 state and local elected officials and judges, and numbers of ministers and church members, as we celebrated the mixing of church and state the way our founding fathers intended.

Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt was awarded our national clergyman award--the Daniel Award--given each year to a clergyman who demonstrates the courage and faithfulness of Daniel, who took his faith into the arena of public policy. The people responded with appreciation and admiration to Chaps as he told his story of how one committed man can change the course of history for a whole nation. Click here to receive a copy of Chaps testimony that evening.

We also awarded a National Hero of the Faith Award to Senator John Cornyn for his heroic work on our behalf in the U.S. Senate, particularly citing his tireless work to preserve marriage as being between a man and a woman, as well as his recent stand on behalf of General Petreaus. To receive a video of his remarks, click here.

Perhaps the highlight of the evening came when we presented a 14 minute video depicting how far Vision America has come in 10 short years. I was moved to tears to consider that this whole ministry began with a simple vision of calling America's pastors to stand up, speak up and refuse to give up. How far we have come in such a short time. I would love to send you a complete video of the night, which will hopefully inspire and excite you as you become a partner with us.

We dedicated the evening to the memory of Dr. Falwell and Dr. Kennedy, both of whom participated in the first meeting of Vision America and were there in the beginning as founding members of our National Advisory Board. They are now gone, but by God's grace and with His assistance, I intend to stand on their shoulders and continue their work in saving America. I need your help to do that. Please consider joining our growing army of Patriot Partners. Click here to discover how you can help me today.;_ID=1504

Janet Folger presented the keynote address at the gala. Her speech needs to be played for the entire nation. When she finished all 500 attendees stood to their feet and applauded. For a small donation, we will send you the DVD with her message on it. Click here to receive your DVD.

God bless you as you pray for and support Vision America.

Pastor Rick Scarborough


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