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Activist Judges Nominated for Impeachment

Judge Joseph Bataillon
U.S. District of Nebraska

First federal judge to strike down a state marriage amendment approved by the voters of the state.

Judge John E. Jones III
U.S. District of Pennsylvania

Ruled that presenting schoolchildren with creationism alongside evolution violated the First Amendment.

Judge Lawrence K. Karlton
U.S. District of California

Ruled the Pledge of Allegiance as unconstitutional because it contained the phrase "under God."

Judge Stephen Reinhardt
9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Ruled that a public school can convey to students "whatever information it wished to provide, sexual or otherwise."

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Can we really impeach a judge?  Is it in the Constitution?  What is the process?

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Judicial Impeachment
Vote of the People

The Constitutional system of "checks and balances" requires your participation.  Please do your part by telling Congress which of the below activist judges should be impeached first.

We will inform you of the results when our vote is concluded.  We will also lead the campaign in the U.S. Congress to stand against activist judges and carry out impeachment proceedings.



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