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Current Legislative Issues
Federal Marriage Amendment
Senate version of marriage amendment
Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt
Lieutenant Klingenschmitt is actively oppossing a 1998 U.S. Navy policy which requires requires chaplains to say only nondenominational prayers outside of church services.
Planned Parenthood Tax Dollars
Urge Congress to stop Planned Parenthood from using tax dollars to support their pro-abortion candidates
Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act
April 25th call-in day for TV decency
House Marriage Amendment
House version of marriage amendment
Human Cloning Votes
Senate votes on human cloning bills
Parental Notification Act
Support for House revisions to S.403.
Pledge Protection Act
House version of pledge protection by Rep. Todd Akin
Public Expression of Religion Act (HR 2679)
Stand up to the ACLU and other liberal groups threatening our elected officials with lawsuits over their public expression of faith.
Religious Freedom in India
religious freedom in India
The Constitution Restoration Act (HR 1070)
This bill would protect public acknowledgments of God such as the Ten Commandments from the attacks of liberal activist federal judges by taking away the jurisdiction of federal courts to rule on these matters.
The Public Expression of Religion Act (HR 2679)
This bill would prohibit groups like the ACLU from profiteering on their liberal lawsuits by taking away their ability to make taxpayers foot the bill for their liberal litigation against religious freedom.
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