Our Mission

Missouri Clergy against Human Coning exists to provide a forum for Pastors and clergy in Missouri to collectively express their profound opposition, on Biblical grounds, to any effort to make human cloning legal.  We believe that all life is precious and that God alone has the prerogative to determine when life begins and when life is to be terminated. 

Missouri Clergy against Human Cloning is a growing coalition of pastors and clergy from various denominations. We pledge to devote ourselves to provide information to our respective faith groups regarding the proposed “Stem Cell Research” amendment to the Missouri Constitution, in the belief that when the truth is presented to our people they will make the right decision for our state.

Who we Are

Missouri Clergy Against Human Cloning was organized to facilitate cooperative efforts among various faith groups who oppose human cloning on Biblical grounds.  It is a unique coalition consisting of diverse faith groups including Catholics, Baptists, Assemblies of God, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Charistmatics, Bible Churches, Non-Denominational churches and others.

Not only are we comprised of diverse faith groups, but we consist of all sizes and worship styles.  We are united in our conviction that life is precious and that Scripture prohibits the destruction of a human life to advance the welfare of another life.

We are equally committed to supporting any scientific and medical experimentation which does not require the exploitation of another human being nor the destruction of life, therefore we commend and pray for continuing use of adult stem cells in research and pray for God’s gift of healing through science and medical research.  We believe that God is not only the author of life but that he is the Great Physician and that all healing ultimately comes through Him.  We pledge our prayers for those who have invested their lives in developing technologies and medical research which advance life.

Our Purpose

  1. Provide educational materials to Missouri Christians
  2. Register every eligible voter in our respective congregations
  3. Provide each member with non-partisan voter guides
  4. Encourage each member to vote