Dr. Rick Scarborough Responds to Donald Trump Remarks

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Like every decent person in America, I found Trump’s words, spoken 11 years ago, repugnant and disgusting. But not surprising. Trump has been a regular on-air guest with Howard Stern for years. That’s why I supported Ted Cruz until he was no longer viable.

But when there were numerous godly candidates running in the primaries, like Gov Mike Huckabee, an ordained Minister, Ben Carson, an outspoken Christian Surgeon, Ted Cruz, the son of a Baptist Minister and Sen Rick Santorum, a born again Catholic, the Church in America that voted was too divided to rally around one candidate, or worse, didn’t bother to

vote. Now we have a choice between a woman who is a known abuser of women and facilitator for her husband and his many adulterous affairs, as well, and a liar who destroyed subpoenaed evidence and a successful businessman who has funded much of his own campaign. Our apathy and complacency has created this storm.

I suspect that the wicked left and the elite members of the right establishment who have orchestrated the removal of God from our culture and stood by as our country has been gutted of all morality and character are quietly celebrating as more and more Christians announce they will sit this one out.

Have we forgotten that David committed adultery with one of his most loyal and brave subjects, then tried to cover up his great sin but failed because Uriah the Hittite was too committed to David’s welfare to enjoy being with his own wife while his men were at war…so David had him killed?  We forgive David, an enlighten follower of God, and cherish his memory, but we quickly discard a man who makes no pretense of being a spiritual man, and by default, we pitch our support to his opponent whom we know supports full term abortion, forcing the facilitation of the radical homosexual agenda on our country, kept our national secrets on a home server in her basement, abandoned our embassy in Benghazi allowing 4 people to die while allowing a preacher to rot in jail for it, and takes millions from Wall Street for speeches while promising to rein them in if elected.

America has a choice to make. Read the two platforms of the respective candidates. We use to believe that actions speak louder than words. Do we?