Action Alerts

Do Not Give Jerusalem to Radical Islam
President Bush needs to hear from Bible-believing Christians about Israel.

Oppose ENDA
Liberal activists are working hard to secure special protections for homosexuals and silencing our nation's pulpits. Send your message to Congress today.

Stop The Killing of Iraqi Christians
Under the muslim government that the U.S. helped establish, Iraqi Christians are being brutally murdered. Send your message demanding action to President Bush and Secretary Rice.

Remove Judge Savage
Judge Savage has violated the public trust and must be removed from the bench.

Support Abstinence Education
Liberal members of Congress want to stop funding abstinence education, while continuing to fund the failed sex education policies that keep Planned Parenthood in business. Contact your members of Congress today!

Stand for Biblical Christianity
Ann Holmes Redding, an Episcopalian minister claims to be a Christian and a Muslim. Send your message about her heretical stand to the head of the Episcopal Church today.

Stop Embryonic Experimentation
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called embryonic stem cell research a "gift from God." Send your protests to her now, and ask her to stop using faith to promote evil.

Contact President Bush
Send your message to President Bush today!

Contact Congress
Generic form for contact with Senators or Congressman on any issue