Patriot Pastors

A Letter from Dr. Rick Scarborough

Dear Pastors,

I have been involved in ministry since 1969. Preaching the Good News and pastoring a local church is my passion and my life's work. But, in 1992, I was forced to rethink my role as Pastor. In March of that year, I attended an assembly at our local high school that was presented as an AIDS awareness program. It was, in fact, an open discussion of various sex acts and use of condoms. Facts and statistics were manipulated in ways that I could not, in good conscience, ignore - and I did not. I spoke on the issue from our pulpit. I addressed the issues before our local school board, and I mobilized our people into action. Incredible changes took place in our community as a result of many people getting involved.

From that one encounter, a national organization designed to assist other pastors to effect moral change was born. Vision America is dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to stand up and speak out on the great moral issues of our day. We can provide you with educational, legal, and moral support through a network of professionals who are committed to Biblical truth and dedicated to restoring America's Christian heritage. I, like they, believe that America is worth trying to save.

We believe that if even a minority of the pastors and churches in any community will boldly step forward, we can dramatically change the cultural landscape. We can be used by God to restore and reclaim America for Christ. Only then will we restore the original vision of our founding fathers for America to be a "... shining city on a hill!" Now is the time for the church to stand up ... to speak up ... and to purpose together that we will refuse to give up!

Pastors, I don't believe God is finished with America. You and your congregation can and must make a difference. Help us restore and repair this great land for Christ.

Yours in Him, for national renewal,

Rick Scarborough