Since 1998 Vision America has been informing and mobilizing pastors and their congregations, across the nation, to get involved in the civic affairs of their communities. We believe that if even a minority of the pastors and churches in any community will implement the following 7 step AMERICA program, we can dramatically change the cultural landscape thereby restoring the original vision of our founding fathers for America to be a “shining city on a hill.”

Articulate the Biblical basis for Christian citizenship

Speak to the crucial moral issues of the day and communicate why Christians must be active citizens, influencing public policy on matters with Biblical perspective

Motivate the congregation to take their civic responsibilities seriously

Most Christians will not become involved in any ministry or take action related to cultural change over the objection or ambivalence of their Pastor. Pastoral leadership makes the difference.

Educate the congregation on the 'Why' and 'How' of civic involvement

Congregations must be informed of their American religious heritage, understand the original intent of the U. S. Constitution, and know how to become involved in the citizenship process.

Register to vote all eligible adults in the church

If a person is 18 or older and an American citizen this is not an option! The goal is 100% registered, 100% voting.

Inform the congregation about important policy and moral issues

Help create an awareness of pending legislation at the local, state, and national levels. Address current moral issues from the pulpit, including sanctity of life, protection of marriage, family values, protection of religious freedom, and the need to strengthen and enforce pornography laws.

Coordinate, as appropriate, with like-minded churches in the community

Encourage and support other Pastors who are committed to restoring Judeo-Christian values into the culture and civil institutions of our nation .

Activate the congregation

Create or strengthen a Community Impact Ministry in the church to facilitate the above activities in an organized manner and to serve as the church's link to Vision America. We are aiming to utilize today's technology to inform, educate and activate the congregation, using email, fax and Internet-based education for training and information.