Success Stories


  • July/August:  In response to the increasing intensity of attacks on the Tea Parties, in late July, the Save America…STOP Obama Tyranny National Coalition began circulating its “Leadership Petition In Support of The Tea Parties And Against Defamation.” This is the first collaborative effort of conservative leaders to defend the Tea Parties and rebut their detractors.
  • April:  Continuing its ongoing efforts to forge alliances with the burgeoning Tea Party movement, and as part of the Save America…STOP Obama Tyranny National Coalition, Vision America Action was instrumental in organizing “The Conservative/Tea Party Crisis Leadership Summit” in Washington, D.C.
  • February:  Vision America was well represented at the first National Tea Party Convention, February 4-6, at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee. Organizers hoped the event would galvanize the Tea Party movement after its electoral victories. Dr. Scarborough addressed a general session on the first night of the convention and led a prayer service thereafter. The following day, he spoke to a standing-room only breakout session on “Why Pastors and Churches Must Engage in Politics.”


  • January:  As part of the Save America … STOP Obama Tyranny National Coalition it had founded, Vision America Action played a key role in producing the “Mandate To Save America.”


  • August:  Dr. Rick Scarborough and the Vision America team held Pastor Policy Briefings in Las Cruces, Clovis, Santa Fe and Carlsbad, New Mexico and conducted another "One Day Crusade" to Save America" at the Pleasant View Baptist Church, in Port Deposit, Maryland.  Twelve people prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior and the altars were filled with church members repenting of their apathy and committing their lives and resources toward seeing national moral and spiritual revival.
  • July:  Across the State of New Mexico, in a continuing effort to educate Value Voters and Patriot Pastors Vision America held six Pastor Policy briefings in Albuquerque, Hobbs, Farmington, Gallup this month. Vision America carried it’s “One Day Crusade to Save America” to Two Rivers Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee, Southcrest Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas and, First Baptist Church Dallas, Texas, where the altars were filled with church members repentant for their apathy and resolute to see America return to Her Godly heritage. We made headway in the State of Kansas helping educate Pastors and lay people with policy briefings, which culminated in a “Rally for Life and Family” on July 28th.
  • June:  Rick Scarborough was invited to participate in taping a pilot program to be marketed to Christian television media similar to the secular Meet the Press. Phyllis Schlafly, Star Parker and Janet Folger, who envisioned the program and who served as the Host of the program, all participated.
  • May:  Vision America was invited to work in New Hampshire in a project to educate Values Voters and encourage them to vote their Christian values in November.
  • April:  Vision America launched nation-wide Values Voters education effort using personal appearances, emails and media appearances to encourage Christians to vote their values.
  • March:  Vision America held a dinner in Houston, Texas, to honor Tim and Beverly LaHaye for their life time achievements.  Over 500 leading citizens from around Texas gathered for a wonderful celebration of two leaders of the Christian Right.
    Vision America was invited to work in New Mexico in a project to educate Values Voters and encourage them to be vote their Christian values in November.
  • February:  Vision America and over fifty other pro-life and pro-family organizations cooperated to produce the first ever “Values Voters” Presidential Debate in Fr. Lauderdale, Florida.  A video voter’s guide was produced as an outcome of that debate, covered by Christian television and American Family Radio network.
  • January:  Harvest Point Church in Nacogdoches, Texas, where Vision America is headquartered, extended an invitation to Dr. Scarborough to be their Senior Pastor.  Dr. Scarborough agreed to accept the position on the condition that the Church allow him to continue his work as President of Vision America and Vision America Action.  The church family agreed to hire Dr. Scarborough a full-time church administrator and three more full and part time ministers to assist with pastoral duties.

        Dr. Scarborough was offered a contract to rewrite Enough is Enough, his 1996 best selling book, by Strang Communications.  After some negotiations a contract was signed.


  • November: Vision America Action began a national e-mail campaign to awaken Value Voters. Our e-mail list has grown to almost 1.5 million recipients and continues to grow daily.
  • September: Vision America celebrated its tenth anniversary with a gala in Houston, Texas. More than 600 prominent citizens, elected officials and pastors attended the event. Vision America received the largest love offering ever given to the ministry during a fundraising event. To God Be All Glory!
  • August: CNN aired a three part series called “God’s Warriors,” featuring--on successive nights--Moslems, Jews and Christians. Vision America was featured in the two-hour segment on Christian activists. The portrayal of Vision America was very favorable and it has been rebroadcast several times--with millions of Americans being exposed to the work of Vision America.
  • July: First Baptist Church of Houston, Texas, hosted the first One Day Crusade to Save America. A film crew from CNN filmed the event for a documentary hosted by Christiane Amanpour.
  • March: Vision America sponsored a gathering of four of the leading pastors in America at a hotel in Dallas, Texas, where the plan of Seventy Weeks was discussed. All four mega-church pastors agreed to host a One Day Crusade in their church.
  • February: Vision America issued a call to prayer. Activists from around the country gathered in Houston and prayed without ceasing for the nation. Seventy Weeks to Save America was born in the heart of Rick Scarborough when he discovered that the period from July 4th until the 2008 Presidential Election was 70 weeks.
    Dr. Scarborough was the keynote speaker at the Restore America Conference in Portland, Oregon. The largest pro-life pro-family conference of its kind on the West Coast. Rev. David Crowe is the founder of Restore America.
  • January: Rick Scarborough agreed to become the interim pastor of Harvest Point Fellowship in Nacogdoches, Texas.
    Vision America and Dr. Rick Scarborough were featured in the HBO two-hour documentary, “Friends of God,” created by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Andrea. The documentary favorably portrayed the work of Vision America with pastors and is now being used in workshops by the left in their ongoing efforts to silence the political speech of pastors.


  • Conducted our second annual national conference - “The War on Christians And The Values Voter in 2006,” March 28-29 in Washington, DC. More than 400 activists and grass-roots leaders from across the nation attended.Speakers included Tom DeLay, Sen. John Cornyn, Janet Parshall, Janet Folger, Phyllis Schlafly, Rick Scarborough and Alan Keyes. Media coverage included “ABC’s World News Tonight,” C-SPAN, The Washington PostUSA Today (including a rebuttal by Rick Scarborough) and The Church Report.
  • Spearheaded a coalition of conservative, pro-family and Christian organizations that developed a “Values Voters Contract With Congress,” calling for passage of 25 bills affecting religious expression, judicial restraint and the defense of marriage and the unborn. To date, 57 leaders have endorsed the Contract.
  • Held a series of voter mobilization rallies in Missouri, to educate Christians on a pending ballot measure promoting cloning-to-kill. Rallies for 500 to more than 2,000 held in Jefferson CityCape GirardeauSt Louis (twice), Kansas City, Springfield and St. Joseph. Speakers at various events included Archbishop Raymond Burke, Alan Keyes, Star Parker, Phyllis Schlafly and Rick Scarborough. More than 750 pastors attended special pastor events and Scarborough directly addressed over 1500 members of the clergy.
  • In South Dakota, helped to organize rallies in Rapid City, Aberdeen, Sioux Falls and at Mt. Rushmore featuring Alan Keyes, James Dobson, Lawrence White and Janet Folger, to educate concerned Christians on a marriage amendment and an abortion ban on the state ballot. More than 2,000 Christian activists - and more than 250 pastors and senior church leaders - attended the first three events.
  • Rick Scarborough crisscrossed the country bringing a message of faith and activism to diverse gatherings, including: “The Restoring NW America Conference,” Coral Ridge Ministries’ annual “Reclaiming America Conference,” Family Research Council/Focus On The Family’s “Value Voters Conference,” a one-day conference for conservative pastors in Burlington Vermont, “Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ Conference,” and the Council for National Policy meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Dr. Scarborough’s major interviews and media appearances included: The Los Angeles Times (twice), C-SPAN (several times), “The Alan Combs Show,” “Point of View,” PBS, Bott Radio (several interviews broadcast on all 40 stations) and “Larry King Live” on CNN.
  • Rick Scarborough’s second book, “Liberalism Kills Kids,” published in March. Now in its second printing, this groundbreaking work describes the disastrous effects of 40 years of toxic liberalism on children.
  • The The Rick Scarborough Report -- Vision America’s weekly electronic newsletter is now in its 2nd year. Our subscription list more than tripled in 2006.


  • Conducted the Judicial War on Faith National Conference in Washington, DC, in April, ten days after the starvation death of Terri Schiavo
  • The Conference featured House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, Senator Sam Brownback, Judge Roy Moore, Ambassador Alan Keyes, and Schiavo family attorney, David Gibbs, among others
  • The conference was covered by C-SPAN and 45 press passes were granted
  • A series of front page stories on the work of Vision America soon appeared in the Washington PostHouston Chronicle, and numerous other major newspapers
  • Time Magazine did a feature story on Vision America’s success in mobilizing Pastors and church members into the public policy arena
  • Took a lead role in passage of the Texas Marriage Amendment, defining marriage in Texas as a union between a man and a woman, and banning civil unions between same-sex couples.  Despite record spending by  homosexual activists and their allies, Texans passed the amendment by a 76% margin.
  • Convened a meeting of 40 major conservative organizations in Washington, DC, on November 9th to discuss the necessity of mobilizing Values Voters in 2006.  A Servants Committee was formed for  which Rick Scarborough is the acting Chairman.  The committee was charged with designing a strategy for a collective effort in 2006.  Be looking for further details in the coming weeks!


  • Launched Pastor mobilization efforts in South Dakota, South Carolina, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri
  • In every state where Vision America conducted Pastor education and mobilization efforts, pro-life and pro-family candidates received record support and were elected to national offices


  • Launched a Pastor Awareness Project in Montgomery, Alabama, on behalf of Alabama Chief Justice, Roy Moore, the embattled Ten Commandments Judge
  • More than 10,000 supporters from across America gathered for the rally organized by Vision America on August 16, 2003, covered by C-SPAN and every major news outlet in the country
  • President Rick Scarborough and Ambassador Alan Keyes launched a national speaking tour to bring awareness to the growing tyranny of activist judges and the clear and present danger they pose to government…“of the people, by the people, and for the people"


  • Launched the Vision Texas Project
  • Conducted 24 luncheons around the state for 2500 Pastors including five with Governor Rick Perry
  • Direct mail contact to over 10,000 Pastors with legal “Do’s and Don’ts” of political involvement
  • On election day, every state wide office was captured by a pro-life, pro-family candidate for the first time in decades


  • President Rick Scarborough serves on a national panel of religious conservative leaders which interviewed major Presidential candidates
  • Mobilized thousands of pastors in Texas and Missouri


  • Vision America hired first 2 full-time staff members
  • Launched national effort to mobilize Pastors 


  • Built network of pastors across the Houston Metroplex
  • Registered thousands of voters in the pews and passed out voter guides to their congregants
  • 51 pro-life, pro-family County and District Judges were elected, as well as numerous other conservative candidates throughout Harris County