Vision America is proud to have the personal support of prominent Christian leaders from across the nation. Just a few of our friends include...

"Believers in our nation are undertaking many worthy endeavors for the cause of Christ, but nothing I see across the landscape of the local church gives me more hope than the work you are doing through Vision America."
-Dr. James Dobson
Focus on the Family

"Vision America is an effective organization of pastors and churches helping Christians ... I strongly urge every pastor to become a vital part of Vision America."
-Tim LaHaye
President, Family Life Seminars & Author of Left Behind Series

“Dr. Rick Scarborough is mobilizing pastors nationwide to speak out on the pressing moral issues of our day. His plan to enlist a committed core of pastors from every denominational and ethnic grouping in the country is one effort to help turn America back toward becoming once again the righteous nation it used to be. I believe it is an exciting plan which could have a very positive impact on society….”
- D. James Kennedy
Pastor, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“One hundred years from now people will ask ‘where did the great revival of the early 21st Century begin.’ And we’ll tell them it started in places like Longview, and Houston, and Dallas…with people like Rick Scarborough and David Barton.”
-Rick Perry
Governor of Texas

“It is exciting to be part of Vision America because it will provide a format in a hands-on manner to make a difference in America. The desire of Vision America to mobilize people in the political process will be greatly received by true evangelicals.”
-Dr. Ronnie Floyd
Pastor, First Baptist Church of Springdale, Arkansas

“Vision America seeks to restore the voice of the American pulpit to the pressing issues of today’s culture, mobilizing Christians to be the ‘salt and light’ in the society around them.”
-David Barton
Founder and President, Wall Builders

“Vision America has the mission, the message and the material that can rally and inspire Churches across America to rise up and restore our beloved nation to its God-given destiny to be ‘One Nation Under God.’”
-Peter Marshall
President, Peter Marshall Ministries

“Vision America is paving the way to bring the pulpits of this great country together on important issues that affect all of us.”
-Tim Lee
Tim Lee Ministries