The debt crisis our country is facing August 2nd and the prayer meeting that Governor Rick Perry has called for on August 6th are directly linked.

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Aug 3, 2011

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We are endeavoring to discover those who agree with our mission which is to call Pastors of every branch of the Christian Church to... "Stand Up; Speak Up: and Refuse to Give Up!"....When it comes to addressing the great moral issues that threaten to destroy our beloved America.

I am a minister by calling and training. I was the senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Pearland, Texas, on the Southeast side of the Houston Metropolis from 1990-2002, during which time the church added more than 2000 new members by baptism and relocated to a beautiful new 27 acre campus right in the heart of the growth of Southeast Houston.

During those twelve wonderful years we faced a political firestorm for our public stands against ungodly sex education in our public school system and a corrupt city council which was known for catering to the "good ole boys," when it came to growth and development. We encouraged our people to get involved and over a three year span four of our members were elected to the School Board and three to the city council, meaning the Christians held a majority in both. The results have been written about and documentaries have been made detailing the results of our efforts. You can view portions of one of the documentaries produced by CNN by selecting here.

Today's Rick Scarborough Report
The debt crisis our country is facing August 2nd and the prayer meeting that
Governor Rick Perry has called for on August 6th are directly linked.

The purpose of this Rick Scarborough Report is to explain how and why.

I am a certified "baby boomer," born in 1950, and during my lifetime I have witnessed America transformed by the most self-indulgent of all generations. The sixties are often glorified in the media, but most moral Americans recognized that the discarding of traditional values by the sixties generation has led to the moral degeneration of our society.

Unfortunately, many in the ruling class and media do not share the majority view, and the results are devastating: The majority of babies conceived today are conceived out of wedlock, with one third of them being aborted and for over 50% of those who are fortunate enough to be born, there is no father present.

I believe immorality is the leading cause of our current fiscal crisis which threatens to destroy our way of life. The Federal Government spends $4,000,000,000.00 more than it takes in every single day. We have over $14,000,000,000,000.00 in debt, not counting unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare, Federal employee's retirements, etc.

Billions of dollars are required every year to assist in paying for the lack of responsible behavior in our nation, whether it is in fighting various sexually transmitted diseases, welfare, various assistance programs for those in poverty, etc. I lay the blame at the feet of both the politicians and the preachers, for their unwillingness to address the moral disintegration of our nation. Add to these indisputable facts that our courts have declared war on God. Seldom has a day passed in recent years that someone, somewhere, does not file a lawsuit seeking to ban any mention of the God who gave us our freedoms from the public square. Tragically, few if any, even among Christians, truly fight to end this madness.

The headlines and newscasts have spoken of little else in recent days other than the approaching day of "Financial Armageddon," August 2, 2011, when America will run out of money if the debt ceiling is not raised so more money can be borrowed, much of it from nations who hate our way of life. A Governor of a Southern State, my own Governor Rick Perry of Texas, has courageously called for a day of prayer and fasting for the nation on Saturday, August 6th, and immediately he fell under attack as a religious bigot for announcing that while all faiths are welcomed, this prayer meeting would be in "Jesus' Name."

I am amazed at the lengths that atheist who do not believe that God exists, will go to prevent anyone from praying. No public funds are being spent on the day of prayer and fasting; no one is being forced to attend; and no political speeches will be offered! Just prayer for a day, that God would forgive our sin and heal our land. (See II Chronicles 7:14.)

Governor Perry and thousands of others including myself, recognize that our fiscal crisis is but a symptom of a far greater problem in America: We have forgotten and forsaken God as a people. Adrian Rogers often said when he was alive, "God is our greatest hope....but He is also our greatest threat!"

Could it be that God has decided to do what so many have just leave us to ourselves? Could it be that He is withdrawing His hand of blessings from the most blessed of all nations, America? If so, then our only hope is that He will be gracious to forgive our national and personal transgressions and once again, bless our land.

That's why the debt crisis and the prayer meeting at Reliant Stadium in Houston on August 6th are directly linked. And that's why I implore you to come and participate. My wife of 40 years, Tommye Glyn, and I will be there. I hope to see you there as well.

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Rick Scarborough
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