Enough Is Enough

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 A Call to Christian Involvement
 by Rick Scarborough

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What Leaders Are Saying About Enough is Enough

“Rick Scarborough is one of the dynamic Christian activists of our time. Here is a man of God in the tradition of the Old Testament prophets who called their nations to repentance and renewal."

--Dr. Jerry Fallwell
Chancellor, Liberty University
 Lynchburg, Virginia

“Rick Scarborough pulls no punches. He is straightforward, honest, and incredibly pertinent. This is a must reading for pastors, parents, and politicians alike.”

--Dr. Adrian Rogers
Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church
 Cardova, Tennessee

“As I read through Enough is Enough, I was disturbed and alarmed, but I was also encouraged that the truth is being expressed. We cannot be silent; we cannot be passive; we must pray and act. God stirred me with this book. It is a clear call to Christian involvement.”

--Dr. Fred Wolfe
Pastor, Cottage Hill Baptist Church
 Mobile, Alabama

“My prayer to God is that every pastor and every layperson who cares about the future of his children and grandchildren will read this book, be blessed by it and activated by it.”

--Dr. Paige Patterson
President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Wake Forest, North Carolina

“Rick Scarborough’s historical evidence and illustrative style sets off an alarm. This is no time to be pushing the snooze button.”

--Dr. Ronnie Floyd
First Baptist Church
 Springdale, Arkansas

From the Preface …

“Dear Reader, how bad will it have to get in this country before you finally decide; “Enough is Enough" Look around. America is disintegrating right before our eyes. Christians can no longer afford the luxury of assuming that someone else will do something. Not until we rise up as a unified body of believers and say, “Enough is Enough" will there be a real revival.”

… Pastor Rick Scarborough

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