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God chooses who He wills …

On one wall of the Vision America office in an attractive frame is a $5 bill and a hand-written note from an 83 year-young lady from a small town in West Texas. The note conveys this simple but profound message:

“I saw the program that you were on, our Christian station, and I agree with you about our nation, how far from God we have moved and have been praying for someone to speak out about it and get God's people to do something about the government telling Christian people that we can't pray in public places and have taken the Bible out of schools and you come on my TV saying the same things I have been praying for, all these years that our rights as God's people have slowly been taken away from us. I am a widow, 83 years old and I live alone on a fixed income, but I'm sending this little amount of money, to help you fight for our rights, and praying for you every day and hope & pray you will get all the help from pastors all over the country and Christians everywhere will join you in this fight. With God's help, we can win! God Bless You and give you strength”

This gift will continue as a source of encouragement to us, and a reminder that God can and will touch the hearts of those He has chosen to support Vision America. Each and every gift serves as an ever present reminder of what we are about … a nation of many God-fearing individuals, interested in reclaiming America for God, and willing to sacrifice and share in this calling.

What You Can Do …

If you believe that “Enough is Enough” and want to share in the vision we have of calling this nation back to God, we hope you will be led to support Vision America in a financial manner.

Some individuals prefer to make a one-time contribution to Vision America. It is through this mechanism that Vision America was initially started. We have found that many of these individuals continue to bless us with subsequent donations as an expression of their belief that America is worth saving and as an expression of confidence in what Vision America is doing.

We are in a battle, and we cannot do it without you. Please prayerfully consider what God is calling you to do and to respond in a manner most suitable to you. You will receive a thank you gift from Vision America for a contribution of $10 or more.

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