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Liberals Outgunned in Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Case

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By CHQ Staff -

For those who have been following the conflicting ruling of the federal courts regarding the ObamaCare contraception and abortion mandate a June 2013 ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit in favor of Hobby Lobby was good news. Company founder David Green had argued that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act applies to corporate entities (via Citizens United), thereby shielding Hobby Lobby from being forced to provide insurance plans that abide by ObamaCare’s abortion and contraception provision.

If you get your news from the liberal establishment you might think that the Green family and Hobby Lobby are outliers in the battle to preserve religious freedom and that no one else is on their side.

After all, the Huffington Post, via web giant AOL, blared “19 Democratic Senators To File Amicus Brief In Hobby Lobby Contraception Case” and the usual commentators from the liberal sisterhood of death have dutifully taken to the Internet and social media to keep the “war on women” political attacks on conservatives going.

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