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Dr. Rick Scarborough Demands That Supreme Court Justices Recuse Themselves from Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Cases

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Kagan and Ginsburg have both officiated at same-sex marriages (SSM), Kagan on September 21, 2014 for her former law clerk Mitchell Reich and his ‘husband,’ Patrick Pearsall, and Ginsburg at ceremonies for SSM couples, some of which occurred at the Supreme Court. Justice Kagan opposed the US Military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy which barred gays and lesbians from serving in the military. As dean of Harvard Law School she barred military recruiters from the school’s career office.

In a recorded appearance on Bloomberg on February 12, 2015, Justice Ginsburg stated that the American people are ready to accept a ruling in favor of same-sex ‘marriage.’ Dr. Scarborough has this response, “It is clear that these Justices are incapable of being neutral on this issue that has the potential to divide country like no issue in my life time and should remove themselves from deciding this case that could radically redefine marriage in America.”

Title 28, Part I, Chapter 21, Section 455 of the U.S. Code states, “Any justice, judge, or magistrate judge of the United States shall disqualify himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned.”

“The fact that both Justices have presided at same-sex ‘weddings,’ and in Justice Ginsburg’s case, made public statements supporting same sex “marriage” means their ‘impartiality may be reasonably questioned,’” says Dr. Scarborough. “Impartiality of Judges is one of the pillars of American Jurisprudence. Unfortunately, there is no higher authority who can enforce this code on a Supreme Court Justice, which means they have to police themselves. Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore recently recused himself on a state SSM ruling in Alabama due to having previously expressed his opinion on the subject. Justice Kagan or Ginsburg should disqualify themselves,” Scarborough stated.

Dr. Rick Scarborough is President of Vision America Action and author of “Enough is Enough.” For upcoming events and more information go to

Scarborough Calls on Network to Apologize, Reinstate Phil Robertson

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Vision America Action President Calls “Duck Dynasty” Star’s Suspension More Evidence of the ‘Demonization’ of Christians and Christian Morality

Contact: Janet Cook, 936-560-3900

NACOGDOCHES, Texas, Dec. 20, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ - “‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson is the latest victim of media intolerance toward Christians and biblical morality,” said Vision America Action President Rick Scarborough, regarding the A&E Network’s removal of Mr. Robertson from further filming of “Duck Dynasty” episodes.

The cable TV network, which has achieved record ratings through the widely-lauded reality series about Louisiana’s Robertson clan, who make and market a unique brand of wooden duck calls, told Mr. Robertson he was off the show after being pressured by homosexual activists. The Human Rights Campaign, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and others demanded that Robertson be fired for his frank comments in a GQ magazine interview.

Robertson said he preferred female anatomy to a man’s posterior and that homosexual behavior was a sin. He told GQ interviewer Drew Magary:

“You put in your article that the Robertson family really believes strongly that if the human race loved each other and they loved God, we would just be better off. We ought to just be repentant, turn to God, and let’s get on with it, and everything will turn around.”

Magary: “What does repentance entail? Well, in Robertson’s worldview, America was a country founded upon Christian values (Thou shalt not kill, etc.), and he believes that the gradual removal of Christian symbolism from public spaces has diluted those founding principles… He sees the popularity of Duck Dynasty as a small corrective to all that we have lost.”

Robertson: “Everything is blurred on what’s right and what’s wrong. Sin becomes fine.”

Magary: “What, in your mind, is sinful?”

Robertson: “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men,” he says. Then he paraphrases Corinthians: “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers — they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

Scarborough, a pastor, said, “Who would have dreamed that America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, would become a place where someone is fired merely for speaking the truth and for reflecting biblical morality?

“A&E should apologize to Mr. Robertson and reinstate him immediately. Or they should release the rights to ‘Duck Dynasty’ so the Robertsons could move to a more tolerant network,” Scarborough said.

“In the meantime, viewers should let A&E and its sponsors know that they won’t stand for the demonization of Christian morality and those who espouse it.”

The mission of Vision America Action is to inform, encourage and mobilize pastors and their congregations to be proactive in restoring Judeo-Christian values to the moral and civic framework in their communities, state and our nation. Pastor Scarborough has led Christian voter education and registration drives for over a decade.

For more information on Vision America Action, visit To schedule an interview with Dr. Scarborough, contact Janet Cook at 936-560-3900.

DeLay Acquittal Long Overdue, Scarborough Says

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DeLay Acquittal Long Overdue, Scarborough Says

“Justice was a long time coming, but we’re thankful that it’s here,” said Vision America Action Chairman and Tea Party Unity founder Rick Scarborough.

AUSTIN (Sept. 19, 2013) – The money-laundering conviction of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, which was seen as politically motivated even by some of DeLay’s harshest media critics, was overturned today by the Texas Third Court of Appeals.

“We are gratified and relieved that the truth finally came out, which was that Tom DeLay did not do wrong and that he has been vilified based on a politically charged prosecution that had no grounds,” Scarborough said.

“We’re proud to have Tom on the Steering Committee for Tea Party Unity Project, where his unparalleled political experience has been priceless. Justice was a long time coming, but we’re thankful that it’s here.”

The court majority said that, “The evidence was legally insufficient to sustain DeLay’s convictions” and “the evidence shows that the defendants were attempting to comply with the election code limitations on corporate contributions.”

“The acquittal means DeLay cannot be retried and the money laundering case is over,” USA Today reported. “DeLay, now 67, left Congress in 2006. He served as majority leader, the House’s No. 2 job and top lieutenant to the speaker, from 2003 to 2005….

“DeLay was convicted by a jury in November 2010 for illegally funneling $190,000 in corporate money via the Republican National Committee to help elect GOP candidates to the Texas Legislature in 2002. The RNC then in turn sent checks to Texas House candidates. State law prohibits corporations from giving directly to political candidates and their campaigns.

“DeLay was sentenced to three years in prison on a conspiracy charge and five years for money laundering. He remained free while he was appealing his case. For years, DeLay had maintained his innocence and denounced what he called the ‘criminalization of politics.’”

“We’re grateful to God that Tom can now go on with his life without this vendetta hanging over his head,” Scarborough said.

Supreme Court Sides with Sexual Anarchy

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For Immediate Release
For More Information, contact: Misty Allmond – 936-645-0118; [email protected]

Supreme Court Sides with Sexual Anarchy

“The Court has relinquished its legitimacy with these wrong-headed opinions that attempt to radically redefine marriage. No one has the right to destroy what God created as the union of the two sexes.” – Rick Scarborough, President, Vision America and Founder, Tea Party Unity Project.

WASHINGTON D.C. (June 26, 2013) – The U.S. Supreme Court today took sides in a crucial cultural debate over the radical redefinition of marriage.

In a 5-4 ruling authored by Justice Anthony Kennedy, the Court struck down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which denies federal benefits to couples not composed of one man and one woman.  The ruling applies to the District of Columbia and the 12 states that have legalized same-sex “marriage.” Kennedy cited the Fifth Amendment’s Equal Protection clause.

Kennedy’s earlier majority opinions struck down Colorado’s voter-approved Amendment Two (1996) barring the use of “sexual orientation” as a civil rights class, and Texas’ anti-sodomy law (2003).

“Justice Kennedy has shown utter contempt for constitutional self-government and seems interested only in promoting the use of state power to displace biblical values and to enforce sexual immorality,” Scarborough said. “This is a profound threat to the freedoms of religion, speech and association.”

In a related case, in a 5-4 ruling written by Chief Justice John Roberts, the court denied standing for defenders of California’s Proposition 8 constitutional marriage amendment and remanded the case back to the court where U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker struck down Prop 8, which California’s voters had approved in 2008.

Walker’s ruling applies only to the Northern District of California, leaving the rest of the state’s law intact, according to Liberty Counsel President Mat Staver.  Walker, who is homosexual, ignored 5,000 years of human history, writing that he could find no reason for defining marriage in the law as the union of one man and one woman other than “animus” towards homosexuals.

Enacted in 1996 by overwhelming majorities in both houses of Congress and signed by President Clinton, DOMA defines marriage for all federal purposes as the union of one man and one woman, and allows the states not to be forced under the Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution into recognizing marriages from other states that do not comport with their own marriage laws.

The Rev. Scarborough, Tea Party Unity Steering Committee member Robert Knight, a drafter of DOMA, and many other conservative and Tea Party leaders have signed a declaration to support God’s ordained institution of marriage in the face of governmental power to destroy it through radical redefinition.

For more information on Tea Party Unity, go to To schedule an interview with Tea Party Unity Project Founder Rick Scarborough (an ordained Southern Baptist minister) or Robert Knight contact Misty Allmond at 936-645-0018 or [email protected].

Survey Says: Conservative Pastors Don’t Always Preach What They Practice

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June 10, 2013  While an overwhelming majority of theologically-conservative pastors believe that the Bible speaks directly to the morality of current issues challenging the nation, only a minority preach on these issues from the pulpit, according to a recent survey by the Center for the Study of American Culture and Faith.

The survey among 401 theologically-conservative pastors revealed that almost all of the pastors (97%) believe that the Bible provides principles that relate to the morality of abortion. Nearly the same proportion (95%) says the scriptures offer moral principles related to same-sex marriage. More than nine out of ten (92%) argue that the Bible describes principles regarding the morality of environmental care. About seven out of ten (71%) say that there are moral principles related to immigration policy in God’s Word.

Church-goers do not often hear sermons about Biblical moral principles, however. In 2012 – an ideologically-charged election year in which the four issues in question were in the forefront of political discussions – none of those four issues was preached on by even half of the theologically-conservative pastors.

The survey found that, of the four issues, abortion was most often the subject of a sermon in a theologically-conservative church in 2012. Overall, 42% of the surveyed pastors preached about abortion, which was higher than the numbers who preached about same-sex marriage (36%), environmental care (21%), or immigration issues (10%).

In 2013, even fewer pastors plan to preach on these four issues. While 42% of those pastors preached on abortion in 2012, pastors’ responses suggest that the figure is likely to drop to 34% in 2013. Same-sex marriage was taught about from 36% of these pulpits in 2012, but will likely drop to 26% in 2013. The frequency of preaching about environmental care is expected to drop almost by half (from 21% to 12%). Only immigration is anticipated to hold steady (10% in 2012, 10% planned in 2013).

Bill Dallas, CEO of the Center for the Study of American Culture and Faith, commented that “church-goers look to their religious leaders for guidance on the critical moral issues of the day. It is important that pastors recognize their responsibility to clarify the biblical principles that should inform both public policy and personal responsibility on these matters. Without such guidance, the mass media takes the lead on providing the worldview that shapes cultural choices, producing lowest common denominator lifestyles and spineless leadership.”


The survey among pastors of Protestant churches was conducted by The Center for the Study of American Culture and Faith during February 2013 among a nationally representative sample of 401 theologically-conservative pastors. The estimated maximum amount of sampling error associated with that sample is +5.0 percentage points.

About the Center for the Study of American Culture and Faith

The Center for the Study of American Culture and Faith regularly conducts surveys on issues of national importance for the purpose of helping to educate the public about the impact that culture and faith have on elections.

The Center for the Study of American Culture and Faith is a division of United in Purpose Education, a 501c3 whose mission is to promote traditional Judeo-Christian principles in American society through values education, research, voter outreach, marketing strategies, and technology tools.

More information about the Center for the Study of American Culture and Faith and its work can be found at

Tea Party Unity Project Calls for Pentagon to Sever Ties with Anti-Christian Consultant and for Congress to Hold Hearings

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“The Defense Department has no business hosting a virulently anti-Christian activist as a ‘tolerance’ expert.” – Rick Scarborough

MAY 3, 2013 — Pentagon officials met last week with anti-Christian extremist Mikey Weinstein, head of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, to plan court-martial procedures to punish Christians in the armed forces who share their faith.

“We’re calling on the Obama Administration to sever all ties with Mr. Weinstein’s extremist hate group, and for Congress to investigate an alarming series of anti-faith incidents in the armed forces,” said Tea Party Unity Chairman Rick Scarborough, who also heads VisionAmerica, a Texas-based Christian public policy organization.

According to the Associated Press, “Weinstein says even a Christian bumper sticker on an officer’s car or a Bible on an officer’s desk can amount to ‘pushing this fundamentalist version of Christianity on helpless subordinates.’”

It was the latest in a troubling series of events in which evangelical Christians and Catholics in the armed forces have encountered raw discrimination, including being compared by one Army instructor to al-Qaeda, Hamas and the Ku Klux Klan.
“Freedom of religion is one of the founding principles of our nation,” said Mr. Scarborough, who is an ordained minister. “Depriving our brave servicemen and women of the freedom to express their faith or to hear chaplains express their faith is outrageous. Mikey Weinstein’s open hatred for Christians makes him unfit to be advising our military on matters of conscience and tolerance.”

In an April 16 blog post, Mr. Weinstein wrote: “Today, we face incredibly well-funded gangs of fundamentalist Christian monsters who terrorize their fellow Americans by forcing their weaponized and twisted version of Christianity upon their helpless subordinates in our nation’s armed forces.”

According to, “Weinstein … says Christians – including chaplains – sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in the military are guilty of ‘treason,’ and of committing an act of ‘spiritual rape’ as serious a crime as ‘sexual assault.’ He also asserted that Christians sharing their faith in the military are ‘enemies of the Constitution.’”

The Tea Party Unity Project is a nonprofit organization serving as a clearinghouse for America’s Tea Parties.

By Trying to Force Akin Out of the Race, Republicans Again Eat Their Own

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Contact: Janet Cook, Vision America Action, 936-560-3900,[email protected]

NACOGDOCHES, Texas, Aug. 21, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — “It’s disturbing and disheartening to watch Republicans turn on their Missouri Senate nominee, Rep. Todd Akin,” said Vision America Action President Dr. Rick Scarborough.

Five current or former U.S. Senators have urged Akin to withdraw. The National Republican Senatorial Committee has told the Congressman that if he stays in, it will pull $2 million from his race.

“Rep. Akin made a comment about rape that’s absolutely indefensible. He made a heartfelt apology. Let’s move on,” Scarborough declared. “It’s also important to put this into context. The comment was made in the course of an otherwise admirable defense of the right to life. The Congressman was saying: Don’t punish the child for the rapist. With that, I very much agree.”

Scarborough continued: “What I find particularly galling is that Democrats can commit not verbal slips, but actual crimes, and get away with it. Former President Bill Clinton will address the Democratic Nominating Convention. Mr. Clinton lied under oath and committed adultery in the Oval Office, with one of his employees - a woman half his age. There is credible evidence that, as Arkansas Attorney General, he committed sexual assault. He’s one of only two presidents to be impeached. Where are the demands that Clinton withdraw as a convention speaker?”

“After allegations of sexual indiscretions in sealed divorce records, which were leaked to the media, Republican leaders pressured Jack Ryan to withdraw from the 2004 Illinois Senate race. That’s how we ended up with Barack Obama in the White House — a steep price to pay for Republican squeamishness.”

Scarborough expressed the hope that Akin would stay in the race. “One thoughtless remark should not be allowed to destroy an honorable man. Missouri voters - who gave Akin the GOP Senate nomination - are wise enough to decide who they’d prefer to send to Washington, ultra-liberal Clair McCaskill or a decent man and an authentic conservative who misspoke.”

The mission of Vision America Action is to inform, encourage and mobilize pastors and their congregations to be proactive in restoring Judeo-Christian values to the moral and civic framework in their communities, state and our nation. Pastor Scarborough has led Christian voter education and registration drives for over a decade.

For more information on Vision America Action,  To schedule an interview with Dr. Scarborough, contact Janet Cook at 936-560-3900 or‘;h408347505=’’;document.write(‘‘ + linktext + ‘‘); .

Contact: Janet Cook, Vision America Action

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Regarding the tragic shooting in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater (where 12 died and more than 60 were wounded), it’s not about guns, but sin.
Many in our society, and especially many liberals, refuse to recognize the existence of evil. Since they believe individuals aren’t responsible for their actions – that everything is determined by heredity or environment – they flail about for explanations to mass murder, like “easy access to firearms,” or poverty, including lack of education or access to opportunity.
But in Aurora, like Columbine more than a decade ago, the shooter had every opportunity and was well-educated. Still, he chose to shoot innocent men, women and children, and only killed 12 because of God’s intervention.  A fact no one seems willing to acknowledge.
Rick Warren stated the obvious when he tweeted within hours of the tragedy, “When students are taught they are no different from animals, they act like it.”  Congressman Louie Ghomert essentially agreed when he stated: “People say… where was God in all of this? We’ve threatened high school graduation participants, if they use God’s name, they’re going to be jailed… I mean that kind of stuff. Where was God? What have we done with God? We don’t want him around. I kind of like his protective hand being present. “
How did the mainstream media react to such truth? Both men are being maligned and lesser men are refusing to speak up.  The fact is that, as a culture, we have sown the wind and are now reaping the whirlwind.  If people of good will and conscience do not stand up and demand that God be acknowledged once again in the public square, we are destined to continue our slide toward Gomorrah.
We know the man in custody for these horrendous crimes was, until quite recently, a student in the prestigious neuroscience doctoral program at the University of Colorado. But intelligence isn’t a safeguard against evil. Some of the brightest men in Germany conceived and carried out the Holocaust.
Christians understand that there is evil in the world, and that – as society turns its back on God-His hedge of protection is lowered and evil grows stronger.
As our society has become more corrupt – as Americans have rejected Biblical truth — evil has flourished. The spate of these seemingly senseless mass murders – Columbine, Fort Hood, Virginia Tech, and Tucson – are committed against a backdrop of 1.2 million abortions a year, 40% of all children in this country born out-of-wedlock and the ongoing war against our Judeo-Christian heritage.
The answer isn’t gun control but revival. That’s why a growing group of spiritual and political leaders have joined together to launch 40 DAYS TO SAVE AMERICA – a time for all of us to pray, fast and turn to God in  repentance, for only He can save our nation and reverse the downward spiral we are on.
40 DAYS TO SAVE AMERICA – a Season of Prayer, Fasting And Action (September 28-November 6)
Please join us for our next national conference call on Wednesday, August 15th, with Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council.  Tony Perkins and FRC have led the way in defending religious freedom in the public square, protecting the unborn and their mothers, defending and strengthening one man/one woman marriage and promoting pro-family public policy.
Dr. Rick Scarborough of Vision America will also be on the call to cast the vision for the 40 Days to Save America initiative, a nationwide campaign of prayer, fasting and action for our nation in the 40 days leading up to Election Day, and will give details on how to join with churches and Christians across America in this effort.  Also, please to get information and register to attend FREE Pastor’s briefings sponsored by FRC.  Please click to find information on how to support Chic-Fil-A on August 16th.  Chic-Fil-A is under fire because their CEO came out in support of traditional marriage last week.
Wednesday, August 15th at 10 a.m. PST/ 11 a.m. MST/ Noon CST/ 1 p.m. EST
 Dial-in: 1-605-475-5950
Password: 1692271#
So we may know to expect you, please register for the call.
The Church must be involved in our nation’s renewal.  Vision America has enlisted over 90 member organizations to the growing Alliance of Participating Organizations.
The Board of Governors includes Tim Wildmon, American Family Association; Tony Perkins, Family Research Council; Penny Nance, Concerned Women of America; Jim Garlow, Renewing American Leadership, Bishop Harry Jackson, the Hope Connection, Samuel Rodriguez, National Christian Leadership Conference; Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life; Mat Staver, Liberty Council, Kelly Shackelford, Liberty Institute; General Jerry Boykin, Kingdom Warriors; David Butts, Harvest Prayer Ministries; David Bereit, 40 Days for Life, Dr. Robert Jeffress, First Baptist Church, Dallas; Bishop Ann Gimenez, Rock Church International; Dran Reese, Salt and Light Council; Janet Folger-Porter, Faith2Action; and Rick Scarborough, Vision America.
Will you join us?  Please select here to find out more about 40 DAYS TO SAVE AMERICA – A Season  of Prayer, Fasting And Action. (Our new interactive website went live June 22nd)  Please forward this email to help us get this message out.
God bless you.
Pastor Rick Scarborough


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June 19, 2012
For Immediate Release

For More information, contact: Misty at 936-645-0118 or [email protected]

Regarding President Obama’s decision to unilaterally enact parts of the so-called DREAM Act by executive order, Vision America Action President Dr. Rick Scarborough recalled: “At a town hall meeting last March, the president said: ‘With respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportation through executive order, that’s just not the case, because there are laws on the books that Congress has passed…we’ve got three branches of government.’ But Mr. Obama increasingly acts if there was just one branch.”

The Vision America President said everything Obama has told us about his latest desperate, election-year, move, is false.

“He says it’s not an amnesty. As a former law professor, the president knows very well that when you say you won’t prosecute a group of law-breakers, that’s an amnesty,” Scarborough explained.

“Supposedly, the amnesty won’t apply to those with criminal records. How do we know that? The fact that their name won’t turn up in a background check means nothing, as illegals often use assumed identities,” Scarborough noted.

The president has also told us his amnesty-that-isn’t-an-amnesty will apply to “only 800,000.” Experts say it’s more like 1.4 million. The amnesty is being offered to anyone with a high school diploma or GED, which are easily forged.

Scarborough charged: “With a stroke of his pen, the president has granted work permits to up to 1.4 million illegal aliens and put them on the path to citizenship.”

“But this is just the latest outrage from an administration which increasingly acts like a regime, “Scarborough said. “After his party lost control of the House in 2010, Mr. Obama decided that, whenever he thought he could get away with it, he would rule by executive order in violation of the Constitution.”

Scarborough added: “Congress refused to pass this latest amnesty. The American people have repeatedly said they don’t want it. But the president did it anyway – as an election year bribe to his radical friends in groups like the National Council of La Raza.”

“As we approach November 4, voters must decide whether they want to be governed by decree, or return to democracy.”

Vision America Action’s mission is to inform, encourage and mobilize pastors and their congregations to be proactive in restoring Judeo-Christian values to the moral and civic framework in their communities, states, and our nation.

40 Days to Save America

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Contact: Janet Cook, Vision America, 936-560-3900,[email protected]

DALLAS, Texas, and WASHINGTON, D.C., May 8, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — 40 DAYS TO SAVE AMERICA Launched with Successful Leadership Strategy Meetings in Dallas and Washington, D.C.

On May 1 in Dallas and May 3 in Washington, D.C., the 40 DAYS TO SAVE AMERICA - a project of Vision America — was launched with two highly successful leadership strategy meetings.

As Vision America president, Pastor Rick Scarborough, explained: “Starting on September 28, and continuing through November 6, we are calling for 40 DAYS of prayer, fasting and repentance for our national and personal sins against the God of Heaven who granted us the privilege of living in freest and most blessed nation the world has ever known.”

Prominent leaders who have pledged their support for the 40 DAYS TO SAVE AMERICA include:

Congressman Todd Akin; David Bereit - Forty Days for Life; Father Shenan Boquet – Human Life International; Larry Cirignano – Catholic Vote; James and Shirley Dobson -Family Talk; Barrett Duke – Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Southern Baptist Convention; Stuart Epperson - Salem Communications; Don Feder, Jews Against Jihad; Congressman Randy Forbes; Frank Gaffney – Center for Security Policy; Bishop Anne Gimenez – Rock Church International; Congressman Louie Gohmert; Richard Hellman - Christians’ Israel Public Action Campaign; Congressman Duncan Hunter; Harry Jackson – High Impact Leadership; Tim and Beverly LaHaye – Tim LaHaye Ministries; Ron Luce – Teen Mania; Penny Nance - Concerned Women for America; Tony Perkins – Family Research Council; Dran Reese – Salt & Light Council; Rev. James Robison – Life Today; Samuel Rodriguez – National Hispanic Leadership; Rev. Lou Sheldon – Traditional Values Coalition; Mat Staver - Liberty Council; Tim Wildmon - American Family Association

Dr. Scarborough observed: “While we are deeply troubled by the direction in which our nation is headed this is not a political effort. The political problems which beset us are symptoms of a deeper spiritual malaise. In times of national tribulation, our people have often been urged to humbly turn to God in prayer.”

“Our nation was founded on a religious vision - the belief that America exists to advance God’s glory and, consequently, that as long as we remain true to that vision, we will enjoy His blessings and protection. Our freedoms, which today are everywhere imperiled, are God-given and can be sustained only with his mercy.”

To save America, the place to start isn’t with primaries, platforms and conventions, but with prayer, fasting and repentance.” In the words of Rev. James Robison: “We need to fall on our face before God and cry out for help…and then stand on our feet for God and act.”

For a more complete statement of the mission of the 40 DAYS TO SAVE AMERICA, go to For information about Vision America, go to

To schedule an interview with Dr. Scarborough, founder and president of Vision America and leader of the 40 DAYS TO SAVE AMERICA, contact Janet Cook at 936-560-3900 or[email protected]