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April 19, 2006
Volume 2, Number 16

In this Issue

1) Ford's Future on Collision Course with Support for Gay Marriage
2) Ohio State Seeks to Censure Christian Librarian
3) Law Professor Makes Case for Preaching Politics
4) I'll be at Vanderbilt University this Weekend

Current Survey


Ralph Nader is right about at least one thing: There’s unbelievable arrogance in corporate America.

Take Ford. The giant automaker is being rocked by a boycott (launched by the American Family Association, but backed by a coalition of more than 20 pro-family organizations including Vision America) over its support for gay marriage.

During March, Ford’s sales declined 5% over the same period last year. AFA discloses that since the boycott began, shares of Ford’s stock have lost roughly 7% of their value.

So, what is Ford’s response? The company is proudly sponsoring a homosexual “marriage” commitment ceremony at the upcoming Motor City Pride Event (June 2-4 in Detroit). My friend Don Wildmon, AFA chairman, comments, “Evidently Chairman Bill Ford is willing to take the company into bankruptcy in Ford’s support of homosexual marriage.”

This demonstrates the hold the gay agenda has on American companies. Once, Ford proudly stood for family values. Today, the company is spitting in the faces of millions of American families who have been its loyal customers.

For latest news of the Ford boycott, go to http://www.boycottford.com/.


When it comes to freedom of speech, our colleges and universities are among the scariest places in America. Not surprisingly, they are also institutions where the left exerts the most control.

But even I wouldn’t have believed the academic left would go this far. At Ohio State University in Mansfield, Ohio, a Christian librarian is being investigated for recommending books!

As part of his work as a reference librarian for the university, Scott Savage is a member of OSU’s First Year Reading Experience Committee. In that role, he suggested that freshmen be advised to read four conservative books “The Marketing of Evil” by David Kupelian, “The Professors” by David Horowitz, “The Euro-Arab Axis” by Bat Ye’or and “It Takes A Family” by Senator Rick Santorum. Savage hoped these works would balance all of the leftist books on the list.

But the left hates challenges to its intellectual monopoly on campus. The OSU Mansfield faculty voted unanimously to file charges against Savage. Three professors filed a complaint of discrimination and harassment against Savage, saying his recommendations made them feel “unsafe.” How does a book, which is either true or false, make one feel unsafe?

The university is investigating and the Alliance Defense Fund has intervened in Savage’s behalf. Whatever the outcome, this witch hunt says much about the state of freedom on our campuses. Did young Americans go to Europe in 1944 to overthrow Nazism, just to see their colleges and universities turn into mirror images of the Third Reich?

To monitor this case, visit the Alliance Defense Fund website http://www.telladf.org/.


A professor of law at Notre Dame has made the case for church involvement in politics, with eloquence and passion and in, of all places, USA TODAY.

In “Campaigning from the Pulpit: Why not?” Richard Garnett voices some of the same arguments Vision America has been making for years.

Garnett writes: “But we should neither demand nor expect our faith commitments or religious ministers to tell us only what we want to hear, or always to assure us that we and the status quo are doing just fine.”

Garnett also observes: “Religious faith makes claims, for better or worse, that push the believer inexorably toward charitable and conscientious engagement in ‘public life.’ To the extent that religion purports to provide insight into human nature and relations, it necessarily speaks to politics.”

On the role of the state, Garnett is quite candid, “What’s more, it should not be the place of government officials or IRS agents to impose and enforce a line between pastors’ stirring sermons and partisan stump speeches.” Hooray and amen.

Vision America started the Patriot Pastor program because, now more than ever, the church must mobilize an army to impact rogue courts and a culture gone wild. It’s nice to see our stand endorsed on the opinion page of USA TODAY.

Earlier today I was a guest on one of the most liberal talk shows in Southern California, discussing the reality of the elite’s war on Christians.  The growing hostility from the left is a frightening phenomenon which, if left unchallenged, will lead to the criminalization of Christianity. 


This weekend, my work for renewal will take me to Vanderbilt University for a forum on “The Theology of Adolph Hitler.” I’ll be joining conservative theologians like Dr. Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention and liberals like Rev. Barry Lynn and Dr. Bob Edgar of the National Council of Churches for a frank discussion of this provocative subject. It promises to be a very interesting weekend.  

Expect a full report in the next Rick Scarborough Report.



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