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May 17, 2006
Volume 2, Number 20

In this Issue

1) What Was Laura Bush Thinking?
2) What Was President Bush Thinking?
3) What Are You Thinking?

Current Survey

What Was Laura Bush Thinking? 

On Sunday morning my wife and I were preparing to go to church when a tease appeared on Fox that Laura Bush would conduct a rare one on one interview with Chris Wallace.   We sat down to listen to what the President’s wife had to say.

Laura Bush, like Barbara Bush before her, is charming and disarming, but increasingly she has become more politically savvy and engaged.  As she discussed a number of topics I thought to myself what an asset she is to her husband. 

Then she turned to the defining issue in the 2004 Presidential election, that many believe moved millions of church people from the pew to the polling booth….The Federal Marriage Amendment.  When asked by Chris Wallace as to whether Gay Marriage should be made to be a political issue, she gathered all her poise and passion to express her adamant belief that it should not be politicized.

Well excuse me, Mrs. Bush.  The issue of gay marriage is politicized, and it is because federal judges have made it so.  The voice of the people in state after state have shouted in unmistakable clarity that there is consensus in this nation on the issue of marriage.  Yet unelected judges, appointed for life, continue to overturn the expressed will of the people.

Case in point:  This week a Fulton County Superior Court Judge struck down Georgia's Marriage Amendment - approved by 76% of the voters in 2004.  The people of America in overwhelming numbers, from both sides of the political spectrum, understand that God has spoken on the issue of marriage and defined what constitutes a marriage.  Why is it that our leaders can’t seem to get this message?

President Bush made the passage of the Federal Marriage Amendment and the ending of judicial tyranny a centerpiece of his election campaign.  What pains many of us is the knowledge the Laura Bush didn’t make this statement haphazardly, but rather was using her considerable popularity among the American people, to serve notice as to what we can expect from her husband as we move down homestretch to the election.  What are they thinking?

Please note our current Action Alert on this important issue.  Your support is needed now to keep the U.S. Senate on track in support of a Federal Marriage Amendment.

What was President Bush Thinking?

On Monday night, the much anticipated speech of our President on the subject of illegal immigration was delivered over every major network and all the cable news channels.  In the 16 minute speech the President outlined an aggressive and bold legislative agenda to reform our immigration policies.  Initial reaction was mixed, but as time has passed there is growing dissatisfaction and anger rising in the conservative ranks over what is perceived to be vacillation on true border security and especially on the guest worker portion of the speech.

My personal reaction to the President’s speech is:  too much, too little, and too late.

Too much:  While touted as a comprehensive solution, by the time this proposal works its way through the politically charged context of Congress, with all the pandering that is going on to recruit millions of new votes, we are sure to have another version of the 1986 immigration disaster.

Too little:  I have been a strong supporter of President Bush since before he was President.  I admire so much about the man and his faith, but on this issue, my belief is that the only issue we should discuss is the closing of our borders and making sure that terrorists cannot simply walk into the United States, before we discuss anything else.  And 6,000 National Guard troops added to the existing Border Patrol is a fraction of what is required to secure our borders.

Too late:  Why have we waited so long to address this issue? 

What Are You Thinking?

I am hearing more and more discussions among values voters that the only course of action left is to stay at home in the fall and teach the politicians a lesson.  I believe that is exactly the wrong approach for us to take.

During the last election cycle some of the most dedicated Christian men and women in Congress were elected and others were returned.  While still the minority, we are making progress.

We must work harder and stay engaged, expressing our concerns and demanding redress of our grievances.  Staying home is not an option for those who love our Lord and our country.  Now more than ever we must Stand up, Speak up, and Refuse to give up!



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