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June 1, 2006
Volume 2, Number 21

In this Issue

1) The Ruling Class of Political Elites Refuses to Listen to the People, at Their Own Peril
2) Larry King Live Appearance

3) Senate to Debate Federal Marriage Amendment

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Federal Marriage Amendment

The U.S. Senate is scheduled to vote this week on this important measure defining marriage as one man and one woman.  Please make immediate contact with your two Senators and urge their support on this close vote.

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Each week's edition of this Report brings new evidence of the radical left assault on people of faith and our shared vaules.  We need your financial support to keep up our work in Washington and across the country.

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 The Ruling Class of Political Elites Refuses to Listen to the People, at Their Own Peril

For the past few weeks many of our elected officials have behaved as if they were accountable to no one.  For the first time in my new life as a Pastor committed to taking the Gospel of our Lord into the arena of public policy, I have faced serious doubts about the worth of all the effort.

The debate in the Senate over illegal immigrants, coupled with the expressed outrage of elected officials over the FBI entering the office of a US Congressman, when it seems clear to any reasonable observer that the Congressman was guilty of taking bribes, has truly caused me to pause and ask the hard questions.

First, let’s consider the matter of illegal immigration.  I listened to the President’s proposal in his speech to the nation two weeks ago.  He outlined an aggressive program of closing the borders while offering a path to citizenship to the millions of illegals already here.  Closing the border is a no brainer to the vast majority of Americans.  There is widespread bipartisan support for doing whatever is necessary to stop the flow of illegals into the nation.  But instead the ruling class is granting rewards to those who have broken our laws.  This sends all the wrong messages to the world. 

Yet that is exactly what our President proposed, and now the Senate has managed to outdo him with the largest expansion of the welfare state in the history of our Republic.  This madness must stop. 

I am for closing the borders, period.  Whatever the cost, there is nothing more important to the security of our nation than stopping the flow of these invaders of America.  We are in danger from being overthrown without a single shot being fired. 

Then there is the matter of the collective outrage of the political class in America over the fact that the FBI entered a Congressman’s office and carried out documents.  Never mind that he had thousands of dollars in his freezer.  Does any one truly think that when the founding fathers included the separation of powers as an essential part of the Constitution, that their intention was to thwart the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s effort to find and prevent Congressmen from taking bribes, just because they were an elected official.

The reason we are having such debates is because far too few of those engaged in government, whether nationally or locally, share a common faith in the truth of Jesus and His Word.  America will not work if those who rule know not the God of Abraham, Joseph and Moses. What America is craving is Biblically sound leadership, who will practice their faith in the arena of public policy.  That’s why you and I must stay involved.

Things seem bad, sometimes irreversibly bad, but we must remember that God always works best in hopeless situations.  Just look at what he did with His own Son after all seemed lost.  “Up from the Grave He arose, Hallelujah, Christ arose!”

This is not the time for Christians to get discouraged.  It is the time for us to wake up, get up, and take back the ground that has been stolen from us as the heirs of the promises of our Lord. 

Just consider what God is doing in Iran, as hopeless as the circumstances in that godless country appear to be.  I received the following information last week.  Though the fast has already commenced, I wanted you to be encouraged.  Read the following and forward to your friends.

In response to the current crisis surrounding Iran, over 120 Iranian church leaders have pledged to 40 days of prayer and fasting for the salvation of Iran. This campaign will begin on Ascension Day, May 25, 2006 - the day the Lord Jesus asked His disciples to wait for God’s visitation. Participants will fast for different lengths of time and at different periods during the 40 days.  Iranian Christians have issued a call to the global Church to join in praying for the strategic country of Iran. Together they are working to see that millions of Christians around the world will join this campaign.  Many church leaders and prayer groups around the world have already begun to put their weight behind this campaign.

Yours in His grace,
Sam Yeghnaza

Larry King Live Appearance

Two weeks ago I was privileged to be included in a panel discussion on the growing dissatisfaction among conservatives with President Bush, on Larry King Live.  I have heard from people around the world who watched that program.  The following is a portion of the transcript which we obtained from their website for May 18, 2006.

KING: Rick Scarborough says that the president has let him down on social issues. Do you agree, Congressman Shays?

SHAYS: This conversation scares the hell out of me. A president has to lead from the center. He's got to reach out to everyone. You know, if he's going to be more conservative and focus on social issues, he's just basically telling my district he doesn't care about them. Forty-two percent of the American people were purple. They weren't red, they weren't blue. The reds and blues are down in the thirties. What good do I see if he increases his popularity by gaining conservatives when he's not uniting the country?

KING: Rick Scarborough, do you want to respond?

SCARBOROUGH: It was conservatives that put him in office. Yes, I certainly do. We're seeing a clear illustration of why the president's polling numbers are going down. The folks that mobilize, the people I'm closest to were mobilized because of speeches that said I'm going to stop judicial tyranny and I'm going to work to make sure that marriage is protected. Congressmen like Congressman Shays and others who are dragging this president back to the center are literally destroying his presidency. His numbers will jump to 40 percent or 50 percent tomorrow if he engages on the social issues that he ran for the presidency on. I happen to love the president.
Click here for the complete transcript of the program:


Senate to Debate the Federal Marriage Amendment

The Senate is scheduled to begin debating the Federal Marriage Amendment next week.  Just three weeks ago a federal judge overturned the will of 76% of the electorate in Georgia after they overwhelmingly affirmed their belief that God was correct in designing the institution of marriage to be the union of one man and one woman.  It is imperative that you and I let our voices be heard on this important and foundational matter to civilization.  Silence is not an option for Christians.  The time to “Stand up, Speak up, and Refuse to give up,” is now.  Contact your Senators and let them know that you are demanding that marriage be protected in our Constitution, so no judge will ever be able to impose his ungodly agenda on us again regarding marriage.

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