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July 17, 2006
Volume 2, Number 24

In this Issue

1) Senate to Vote on Stem-Cell Legislation Tuesday
2) U.S. House to Vote on Marriage Amendment

3) U.S. House Passes Internet Gambling Ban
4) Vision America Organizes Missouri Clergy Against Human Cloning
5) Patriot Partner Campaign Update

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Legislative Issues 

Senate Human Cloning

House Marriage Amendment

Values Voter
Contract with Congress

Vision America has taken the
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Vision America

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 Senate to Vote on
Stem-Cell Legislation Tuesday

The Senate is debating stem cell research and cloning, for the first time since Dolly, the cloned sheep appeared.  This debate is long overdue and will allow Christians to know who the true pro life legislators are.  At the heart of the debate on stem cell research and cloning is the issue of who originates life and who can decide when life is expendable.  Will little “gods” replace the Lord God in America?

I am saddened that Senator Dr. Frist betrayed his longstanding commitment to the sanctity of life when he embraced embryonic stem cell research. To date, there is no evidence that embryonic stem cells are the magic cure all that is being touted while adult stem cells have produced many encouraging advances toward curing diseases.  It is never right to exploit a life for the advancement of another life and that is what embryonic stem cell research is in essence.

I urge you to click here and make your feelings known to your Senators.

Focus on the Family has provided a clear and concise analysis of the debate that is being conducted in the Senate:  http://www.family.org/cforum/extras/a0041216.cfm

U.S. House to Vote on
Marriage Amendment

Congress is gearing up to vote on the federal Marriage Protection Amendment this Tuesday.

Amanda Banks, federal issues analyst, said pro-family activists expect to have a majority in the House, as they did back in 2004, the last time the measure came to a vote in the House of Representatives. "What we're really hoping for," Banks said, "and what the goal is, is to increase that vote. We'd like to be moving in the direction of a two-thirds majority, which is what we need to pass it through the House, so it's important for members of Congress to hear from their constituents right away, so that they are encouraged to vote for marriage."

Banks said several new members have joined Congress since the last time the House voted on the issue, and conservative activists are hoping that the newcomers will join with pro-family lawmakers of both political parties to support the amendment.

Last month, after hours of debate, the Senate refused its consent to bring the matter up for a real vote.

Click here to e-mail your Representative on this issue.

U.S. House Passes Internet
Gambling Ban

The U.S. House has overwhelmingly backed a bill prohibiting off shore gambling.

While I commend the House for this important piece of legislation, it is clear that America has become addicted to gambling and any real reform that would truly address this egregious assault on American families does not appear to be forthcoming.  We often hear of how gambling produces tax revenues which benefit schools and education, but it requires that people lose in order to generate revenues.

What a tragedy that we encourage our citizens to become losers in order to increase tax revenues.  How far we have fallen. Still, thank you House.  Now, on to the Senate.

Click here for a brief news summary

Vision America Organizes Missouri Clergy
against Human Cloning

For the past two months I have been crisscrossing the state of Missouri, meeting with religious leaders of all faiths, in an effort to rally Pastors against the nation’s first attempt to legalize human cloning in America.

Under the guise of wanting to encourage medical research and find cures for diseases, men of good reputation have joined forces with moneyed interests in the state to pass an amendment to the state constitution that if passed, will make Missouri the first state in the Union to legalize human cloning.

Vision America will conduct a series of rallies around the state, featuring Dr. Alan Keyes and myself, which will be designed to set the record straight as to what the amendment actually will do and not do.  Liberal interest groups will spend up to 20 million dollars to pass the amendment, in hopes of securing lucrative patents on embryonic stem cell lines and potential cures, if the amendment passes.

Leaders from Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Assembly of God, Charismatic and others have signed on in an unprecedented show of unity to fight this abuse of science.  Please begin praying now for God’s favor on this important undertaking.  Thank you!

Patriot Partner Campaign Update

The response to our plea for new Patriot Partners has been gratifying.  While we fell far short of our lofty goals for the campaign, we added a significant number of new monthly contributors to our growing family of supporters.  To all who responded, thank you.

There is still time to commit to join our growing army of Patriot Partners.  All it takes is a willingness to contribute at least $1 per day, less than a medium -size cold drink a day.  If just 30 more of you who receive this important weekly update would be willing to make that commitment, we could do so much more.

Click here to join with us as a Patriot Partner

I love and appreciate you all!



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