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August 30, 2006
Volume 2, Number 29

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1) St. Louis Rally Against Human Cloning a Huge Success
2) Governor of California Criminalizes Christianity

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St. Louis Rally Against Human Cloning a Huge Success

On Monday evening Vision America sponsored the third of five planned rallies around the State of Missouri which are designed to educate Pastors and Congregations about the truth of a proposed state constitutional amendment which proponents say will prohibit human cloning.  CNN sent a special crew from Washington DC to cover the event,
as did every one of the major TV news groups in the St. Louis metroplex.

The “Missouri Cures” amendment, so named because it purports to provide numerous future cures by protecting scientists from being hindered in their efforts to “therapeutically” clone tiny embryos through a process called somatic cell nuclear transfer, or SCNT.  SCNT is the process that scientist used in 1997 to produce Dolly, the sheep.  The proponents of the amendment have expended upward toward 15 million dollars to tell their version of the facts.  They have slick ads running nonstop in the major TV markets of Missouri, featuring most major politicians and business people around the state.  These ads tug at the chords of your heart as they interview various people who are suffering from every terrible disease you can imagine, always offering the hope of a “cure” that is just around the corner if the scientists can just get on with their experiments.

What Vision America is offering to counter this high dollar offensive is simple truth targeting Pastors and the Churches.  On Monday evening we witnessed the closest thing to Heaven that a Christian can experience on earth, as people from all walks of life came together from diverse religious backgrounds, to worship Jesus Christ as Lord and to yoke arm in arm with fellow believers to investigate the facts and then respond to them together. 

Archbishop Raymond Burke of the Archdiocese of St. Louis underscored that the fact that the object of the stem cell research which the proposed amendment seeks to advance, is in fact, a human being and that Christians have an obligation to defend the most defenseless of our society.  Dr. Alan Keyes passionately challenged Senator John Danforth, staunch proponent of the amendment to debate him on the facts, anywhere, any time.  Phyllis Schlafly made a heart rendering appeal to the more than 2000 in attendance to stand up and be counted on Election Day, as did entrepreneur extraordinaire, Charles Drury, and every other speaker that approached the podium at Life Christian Church.

I preached a Biblical message entitled, “In Defense of Mixing Church and State,” taken from Acts 16.  The message will soon be on our website.  We will send you a free copy for any size contribution this month.  Just click here to make your contribution.

God anointed the message and the people stood and interrupted me several times with ovation, as we called them to action.  More than 100 Pastors attended our special dinner and more pastors joined us for the rally.  Click here to read the St. Louis Post Dispatch article on the evening.

Our next stop will be in Kansas City, Missouri, on Sept. 11 at the First Baptist Church of Raytown.  Details of the rally can be found be found by clicking here.  Please forward this email alert to any friends you have in the KC area, and begin praying now for the success of our effort there.   On Wednesday, August 23rd I had the privilege of speaking to a conclave of more than 100 parish priests in the Kansas City Diocese, at the request of Bishop Finn.  The reception was overwhelming and I am convinced that the ground has been laid for our best rally yet.

Governor of California Criminalizes Christianity

In a remarkably arrogant breach of his responsibility to be Governor of all the people of California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger yielded to homosexual demands and signed into law a law that criminalizes Bible believing people in the state.

On the surface, SB 1441 would add "sexual orientation" to an anti-discrimination statute dealing with how state funds are handed out. The bill's sponsor, state Sen. Sheila James Kuehl, an openly gay legislator, claims the law will "close an important gap in California's nondiscrimination laws."  But in reality, what has transpired will result in giving radical homosexual activists in the state the legal ammunition to shut down and criminalize any preacher who happens to believe and practice Romans 1 as a matter of conscience, and thereby gives a homosexual activist cause to “feel” threatened by such preaching.

Mona Passignano, state issues analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said what the bill really does is insidious.

"What it will actually do is create an atmosphere in which businesses and organizations that receive state funding cannot speak about homosexuality in any way which might be perceived as being negative," she said. "Funding could be taken away if somebody perceives that they have been discriminated against for their gender identity."

Passignano pointed out that the law could arguably include a church no longer being able to get police or fire protection from a city, if the pastor preaches from Romans 1 about the biblical view of homosexuality.

Neither preacher nor any follower of Christ should ever condemn or ridicule another human being for any practice or behavior, as our Lord commands us to love all people the same.  We do, however, have a Biblical mandate to confront sinful behavior, always with a sense of compassion and spirit of love that recognizes the truth, that but for the grace of God, there go I.  As of Monday, in California, that kind of preaching could be an indictable offense.  Christianity has been criminalized in California.

California reminds us all of what happens when the church fails to engage the culture.  We are not winning the war for the soul of America because we are too few or our God too weak.  We are losing because we don’t show up for the battle.  It is time for all Pastors to consider becoming a Patriot Pastor.  And it time for all of you reading this alert to consider becoming a Patriot Partner.

Beloved, this ministry is making a difference.  Why not invest a portion of your regular giving, as many who read this newsletter each week already do.  Click here and consider joining our team and helping us with this important work.  We need thousands of faithful people like you praying for us and supporting us if we are going to affect the kind of changes we are praying for in America. 

I deeply appreciate you.

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