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September 6, 2006
Volume 2, Number 30

In this Issue

1) Vision America Gala
a Great Success
2) Next Stop on Missouri
Truth Tour...Kansas City
3) Personal Prayer Request

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Vision America Gala
a Great Success

On Thursday evening more than 500 Pastors, elected officials and supporters gathered at the Westin Galleria Hotel Grand Ballroom to celebrate Vision America’s accomplishments of the past year and to hear about the challenges of the next 12 months.  This year’s Gala marked our seventh meeting in the past eight years, and it was by far the most impacting.  Attendees included the Lt. Governor of Texas and the Mayor of Houston as well as dozens of Judges and State Senators and Representatives.  Congressman Tom DeLay emceed the event and received numerous affirmations from the supportive crowd that evening

The evening began with two very important awards:  The local “Hero of the Faith” Award and the National “Daniel” Award presented to a Pastor who has exemplified what a Pastor should be in today’s culture.  In the past the Hero of the Faith Award has been presented to an elected official, but this year we honored a lay couple who have been on the front lines of the culture wars for more than 50 years.

Paul and Betty Lou Martin epitomize Christianity in action.  Both are personal soul winners, active in their local church, and always supportive of their Pastor, and above all, leaders in the community.  Paul is a Harvard Law School graduate and a Certified Public Accountant.  He is known as among the best estate planners in America.  He served for a number of years as a member of the Vision America Executive Board and always served with distinction.

Betty Lou served with both Eagle Forum and Concerned Women for America for many years.  Her quiet but determined and principled leadership contributed greatly to the conservative resurgence over the last two decades in Texas politics.  Heaven alone will reveal all that this deserving couple has contributed to the cause of Christ in America.

This year’s recipient of the Daniel Award was Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of the dynamic 9500 member First Baptist Church of Wichita Falls, Texas.  He is the author of 15 books, including best selling, Hell? Yes!, in which he communicates with unmistakable clarity his Biblical convictions that age old doctrines regarding Hell, homosexuality and other pressing but fading teachings in America are still true.

In 1997 he took on the local library, the ACLU and the national press and said that Heather Has Two Mommies was not fit reading for elementary age children and would not be allowed in a city where he was the pastor.  Under of hail of criticism and abuse, he stood up to be counted.  More than 20 members of his church family traveled over 300 miles to celebrate his receiving this prestigious award.

I was privileged to present a video of this past year’s television and media appearances followed by a brief report of our work in Missouri. The support and appreciation shown by those attending for our efforts was inspiring and lifting.

But the highlight of the evening took place when we presented our National Hero of the Faith Award to the very deserving Janet Folger.  Janet is a national talk show host, courageous pro-life activist, and the founder of Faith2Acition Ministry which seeks to unite and assist all pro-life and pro-family organizations into a working team.  Janet carries a deep burden for America, and her speech, based on her best selling book, The Criminalization of Christianity, left the attendees hungering for more. 

Her complete speech will be up on our website by the end of this week.  I highly suggest that you listen to and forward links to your friends, this remarkable woman’s speech.  For a donation of at least $50.00 this month, I will forward both a DVD of her remarks and a copy of her book.

Next Stop on Missouri Truth Tour...Kansas City

On Monday evening, September 11, we will host our fourth of five scheduled Rallies Against Human Cloning in Kansas City, Kansas, at 7PM. Preceding the rally, a complimentary dinner will be provided for Pastors and their spouses at 5PM. First Baptist Church of Raytown, a suburb of Kansas City, will host the entire event.

Two weeks ago I had the distinct privilege of addressing all the Parish Priests of the Kansas City Diocese of the Catholic Church, at the behest of Bishop Finn, who will be one of our keynote speakers for the rally. On Tuesday of this week I spoke to more than 40 Baptist Pastors and leaders at the Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

We are expecting another great rally as momentum is building in this great battle to educate the Missouri electorate as to the true intent of this devilish amendment, in spite of all the misinformation that has been presented by well funded proponents of the Missouri Cures Amendment. The undeniable fact remains that what the amendment will do is make legal human cloning for the purpose of scientific research. We are behind in money and in the polls, but so was David when he entered the arena against Goliath…and he still won. With God, all things are possible.

Please pray for the success of this rally. Just today, I met a couple who are raising two of the “snowflake” babies that surrounded the President when he exercised his first Presidential veto to prevent the federal government from funding embryonic stem cell research. This courageous couple lives in Kansas City and they heard about our rallies and have volunteered to bring their precious twins to remind the people that these embryos are precious in the site of almighty God and worthy of our protection When they appeared before the 40 Pastors gathered Tuesday, the Pastors applauded. These twins make a statement that is priceless.

Personal Prayer Request

I have received the same request from two different people whom I believe hear from God, that Vision America is to come into South Dakota and mobilize pastors there as the November elections approach.  As you may be aware, South Dakota has banned all abortions, forcing a certain showdown with the Supreme Court of our land.  Proponents of abortion, recognizing what is at stake, have poured money into South Dakota in an effort to overturn the actions of the legislature this fall.

In addition, the voters of South Dakota will be voting on an amendment to their state constitution which will define once and for all that marriage in South Dakota will be preserved for a man and a woman.  Right now, polls show that both of these important pro-life and pro-family issues are losing.  I believe that Pastors hold the key to preserving God’s standard on both of these cultural issues.  If I determine that we should go into South Dakota, I will be forced to add additional staff and raise substantial capital, but those considerations will not determine whether or not I will say yes.  I am seeking the Lord for His direction.

When we decided to tackle the human cloning issue in Missouri we had bills that we could not pay.  Since that time we have raised and spent over $150,000.00 and all our bills are paid.  Where God guides, He always provides.  Will you pray for me today, as I seek to determine God’s will for Vision America?


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