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September 13, 2006
Volume 2, Number 31

In this Issue

1) Rally in Kansas City Marked by Remarkable Unity
2) Vision America invited to Rally Pastors in South Dakota
3) Invitation Extended to Deliver a Major Address at the Washinton DC Values Voter Summit
4) Vermont Conference to Feature a Call to Pastors

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Rally in Kansas City Marked
by Remarkable Unity

Approximately 1000 people gathered in Kansas City, Missouri, to hear Catholic Bishop Robert Finn, Ambassador Alan Keyes, Scientist Shao-Chun Chang, MD, PhD, and myself, as we examined the claims of the proponents of Amendment 2 to the Missouri Constitution, as well as the facts of those claim, on Monday evening.  To say that the facts do not support the claims is an understatement of enormous consequence to the unborn.

Proponents of Amendment Two, which they refer to as the Missouri Cures Amendment, deny that they are proposing the cloning of human beings, but as Dr. Chang so succinctly proves from science, that claim is a factual lie.  Increasingly now, the proponents of this devilish idea are retreating to rhetoric that in effect says, “but the embryo is so small and early that it really doesn’t matter,” an argument which taken to its inevitable conclusion so devalues human life that men of Christian character must oppose it…and we are! 

Featured at the rally were one year old twins who were formerly frozen embryos.  These two beautiful babies and their proud parents appeared beside President Bush as he vetoed Federal legislation that would have funded embryonic stem cell research, using frozen embryos.  Every time an embryo has stem cells extracted, a human being dies.  Thankfully these beautiful babies were spared.

The Kansas City Star referred to the rally as part revival, part science lecture and part political rally.  That was precisely what we were trying to accomplish.  Our rallies include incredible praise and worship, led and orchestrated by one of America’s foremost songwriters and musicians, Kim Noblitt.  In that atmosphere of praise and worship, Bishop Finn, of the Kansas City-St. Joseph Catholic Diocese, Ambassador Keyes, and I, each took different tracts to explain why Christians must unify in their opposition to this Amendment.  Hearing from a Catholic Bishop, a seasoned and Harvard educated Black politician/diplomat, and a Baptist Preacher diffuses the accusation that this is a Black or White or Evangelical or Catholic or Baptist issue…this is a God issue.  One that people of all faiths, color or station in life, should unite around. 

Our next rally will be held on September 21 in Springfield, Missouri, at the National Assembly of God headquarters, in the historic Central Assembly of God Church.  This rally is shaping up to be the biggest rally yet, with an anticipated crowd exceeding 2500 people.  Please pray for us as we continue this effort to move Pastors in Missouri to stand up and speak out against this all out assault on the unborn.  Funding has now been provided to conduct another rally in Missouri which will be announced in our next Rick Scarborough Report.

Vision America invited to Rally Pastors in South Dakota

As I prepare this report, I am enroute to Rapid City, South Dakota, where I am scheduled for two days of meetings with significant pastors and leaders around the state, to discuss the possibility of conducting three rallies in key cities in the state, in an effort to stem the assault of pro-abortion forces bent on preserving their all out terrorism against the unborn.  Last year, the legislature of South Dakota became the first in the nation to ban all abortions.  Unfortunately, Federal laws legalizing abortion trump state bans, but the significance of the state ban lies in the fact that is will certainly precipitate a Supreme Court showdown over the validity of the 1973 “Roe v Wade,” decision which even proponents of abortion on demand agree is bad law and will be overturned, throwing the whole abortion debate back to the states where it belongs.  When that day comes, dozens of states will join South Dakota in banning abortion and rescuing children from the cruel fate of the abortionists.

NARAL, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and other leftist groups who profit from abortions cannot allow that to happen, so they are pouring millions into the overturning of this legislation.  And they are winning…but not for long, IF the church, led by her Pastors, gets involved. 

That’s precisely why we have been invited to come into South Dakota and work.  While I am honored to be invited in, I must discern whether or not this is a calling from the Lord.  We are stretched financially and personnel wise by the demands in Missouri, and we will drown as an organization unless we know that God has issued a “Macedonian Call.” (See Acts 16:1-2).

Please make this a matter of sincere prayer as we seek to discern His bidding and do His will, not our own.  I greatly depend on the prayers of many of you who faithfully read this Report each week.  I will report my findings back to you next week.

Invitation Extended to Deliver a Major Address at the Washington DC Values Voter Summit 

Last week I received an invitation to join be part of the Values Voters Summit, sponsored by Focus on the Family, American Family Association, Family Research Council, and other national organizations, for what is being billed as the most important conference to be held in Washington DC this year.  President George Bush is among the invited speakers.

I am honored to take part in this conference with over 1000 attendees at 2:30PM on Saturday, September 23rd.  Please pray that I honor our Lord with this very important assignment and privilege.

Vermont Conference to Feature a Call to Pastors

Tommye and I will travel to Vermont immediately following the DC Summit, to address over one hundred Pastors from around the state of Vermont in their Capitol City.  My specific assignment at the all day conference will be to remind Pastors of their Biblical responsibility to be salt and light in our society.  Again, I beseech you for your prayers. 

Beloved, God’s hand is graciously upon Vision America right now.  Your prayers and faithful financial part make you a Patriot Partner.  If you are not signed up as one of our Partners, why not do so today?  We need you now, more than ever.

I love you all,

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