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December 14, 2006
Volume 2, Number 43

In this Issue

1) Muslim Congressman-Elect To Bring Koran To Swearing-In
2) Chuck Norris Delivers Well-Placed Karate Chops to ACLU
3) Brownback Says He Can Win Presidential Nomination in ‘08
4) The Rick Scarborough Ministry Report

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Muslim Congressman-Elect To Bring Koran To Swearing-In

Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, has announced that he’ll bring a copy of the Koran with him to the swearing-in ceremony at the Capitol. Though members of Congress don’t technically take their oath of office on the Bible (as the president does), it’s traditional to bring a Bible to the ceremony.

Ellison has been sharply criticized for breaking with tradition here. But far more troubling is what’s in the "bible" of Islam.

Unlike Jesus or Moses, Muhammed was a warlord to led men in battle and participated in the slaughter of defeated foes. The Koran exalts the concept of holy war. It calls on Muslims to make war on infidels until they accept Muslim rule -- subject-status in a Muslim society.

Read the entire article at

Chuck Norris Delivers Well-Placed Karate Chops to ACLU

Movie star and martial-arts expert Chuck Norris has a Christmas present for the ACLU -- a large lump of coal.

In a WorldNetDaily column titled "ACLU: The Abolishing Christian Legacy Union" Norris notes the ACLU is once again in the forefront of the war on Christmas.

Norris calls on the rest of us to respond to the ACLU’s aggression.

One way to do that is by ordering and using Vision America’s "It’s Okay To Say ‘Merry Christmas’" bumper stickers and business cards asking retail establishments to say "Merry Christmas" instead to "Happy Holiday." To order the bumper stickers click here. To order the business cards click here.

Read the entire article at

Brownback Says He Can Win Presidential Nomination in ‘08

Kansas Senator Sam Brownback, an ardent pro-lifer and long-time friend of Vision America, has filed papers for an exploratory committee to test the waters for a presidential campaign.

But in an interview with the Topeka Capital Journal, Brownback (who has served 12 years in the House and Senate) says he can win the GOP nomination, despite the higher-visibility candidates in the field. The Senator told the paper, "I think once the candidates’ positions are known on the various topics, I’m going to win this."

Read the entire article at

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The Rick Scarborough Ministry Report

We will have a meeting of the Vision America board of directors this evening. We are prayerfully considering a number of exciting projects to advance the cause of renewal in America, as well as to return this nation to its constitutional roots.

That’s all that I can say for now. Expect great news in the next Rick Scarborough Report.

My friend Tom DeLay continues to do great work for America. Please visit his blog at for the latest news on all of his activities.

I am ever grateful for your faith support and remain….

Your friend,

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