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January 10, 2007
Volume 3, Number 2

In this Issue

1) Left Will Try Again To Pass Embryonic Stem-Cell Bill
2) Hate Crimes and ENDA At The Top of Pelosi’s Agenda
3) Marriage Amendment Advances In Massachusetts - What Happened And Why It’s Important

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Left Will Try Again To Pass Embryonic Stem-Cell Bill

One of the first bills House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to take up is legislation providing federal subsidies for embryonic stem-cell research. A vote could come as early as tomorrow.

The new stem-cell bill (H.R. 3) is identical to legislation vetoed by the president last year. In exercising his first-ever veto last July, President Bush warned: “We must remember that embryonic stem cells come from human embryos that are destroyed for their cells. Each of these human embryos is a unique human life with inherent dignity and matchless value.”

In the past election, Vision America coordinated a series of rallies across Missouri, to educate Christian voters on the dangers of a similar initiative on the state ballot. Protecting innocent human life continues to be one of Vision America’s main concerns.

To send your Congressman a personal message expressing your views on H.R. 3, click here. To further Vision America’s vital work to alert Americans to the evils of embryonic stem cell research and effective alternatives that do not require the destruction of human life, click here. Countless lives hang in the balance.

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Hate Crimes and ENDA At The Top of Pelosi’s Agenda

When she was sworn in as Speaker of the House last week, Nancy Pelosi was surrounded by her children and grandchildren. It made for a touching, family picture.

Still, the new Speaker’s agenda is anything but maternal or pro-family.

A Pelosi spokesman says the Speaker wants quick action on both ENDA (the Employment Non-Discrimination Act) and a bill adding "sexual-orientation" (homosexuality and other perversions) to federal hate-crimes law.

ENDA would force employers to endorse the homosexual lifestyle - including providing medical benefits for same-sex "partners."

To let your members of Congress know how you feel about this clear and present danger to both free speech and family values, click here.

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Marriage Amendment Advances In Massachusetts - What Happened And Why It’s Important

As we noted in the last Rick Scarborough Report, in Massachusetts, on January 2nd, a defense of marriage amendment received the threshold support to advance one step closer to ballot status in 2008.

Defenders of marriage aren’t out of the woods yet. They still have to pass another legislative vote and then go through a grueling referendum campaign.

But pro-family forces have taken a significant step toward ending gay marriage in the state where it started. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, for gay marriage, this could be the end of the beginning.

Rest assured that Vision America is standing with the pro-family leadership of Massachusetts, who are courageously fighting this battle. Please lift them in prayer and please stand with us financially so we can continue to stand with them. Click here to make a secure online donation.

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