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January 17, 2007
Volume 3, Number 3

In this Issue

1) Stem Cell Battle - The Next Round, And The Next
2) So-Called Lobbying Bill Would Limit Free Speech
3) Clinton and Carter Organize To Undermine The Historic Commitment to Scripture Which Has Defined The Southern Baptist Convention

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Stem Cell Battle - The Next Round, And The Next

The battle over using federal funds to destroy human life (in the name of finding miracle cures) hit another snag last week.

On January 11 -- in one of its first official acts -- the Democratic House passed a stem-cell research bill and, while not by the margin proponents need to override a promised presidential veto, this early action of the new majority, underscores why those of us committed to life must stay in the battle. And it highlights how desperate for revival as a nation we truly are. The proponents of the culture of death are not going away. The question confronting us is: Do proponents of life have the will and the depth of commitment to stay in the battle until this tyranny is defeated?

To send the President an e-mail, thanking him for his promise to veto this atrocious legislation, click here.

To support Vision America’s vital work to preserve God-given life -- from conception to natural death -- click here.

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So-Called Lobbying Bill Would Limit Free Speech

The left is always trying to find new ways to crush dissent. Sometimes they call it hate crimes legislation, at other times, campus speech codes. The latest gambit is innocuously labeled “lobbying reform.”

The new Democratic Congress is trying to take advantage of public revulsion over the Jack Abramoff scandal to push through S.1 in the Senate and a companion bill in the House.

Under the guise of transparency in government, it would severely limit the ability of grass-roots groups -- like Vision America -- to inform their members and encourage them to communicate with their government.

We must fight this outrageous attempt to crush dissent and curtail free speech. To let your Senators know how you feel about S.1, click here.

To support Vision America’s work to inform Americans of the hidden dangers of so-called lobbying reform, click here.

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Clinton and Carter Organize To Undermine The Historic Commitment to Scripture Which Has Defined The Southern Baptist Convention

Among the last people the Church should look to for spiritual guidance are ex-Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

The former admitted to committing adultery and perjury. The latter has devoted his 26 years out of office to propping up communist regimes (witness his many trips to Cuba), attacking America and trying to undermine U.S. foreign policy.

Now, the duo is offering their services to Baptists. At an Atlanta press conference last week, they called for “A New Baptist Covenant” to counter the supposedly negative image of the Southern Baptist Convention, in which both men have their spiritual roots.

While God can forgive the moral failures of Bill Clinton, and everyone acknowledges the good work that Jimmy Carter has done with his tireless devotion to Habitat for Humanity, there is no evidence that either of these political leaders have abandoned their support of a social/political agenda that mocks the Word of God and flows from a worldview that begins with man rather than God.

This new alliance is designed to undermine the moral authority of the Church; to deceive the public into believing that Christianity is compatible with gay marriage, embryonic stem cell research, a head-in-the-sand foreign policy and the betrayal of Israel.

I assure you that Vision America is not going to allow this deception to go unchallenged. Stay tuned for more information.

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Rick Scarborough Ministry Report

On Saturday, January 27, I have been invited by the Texas Alliance for Life, to deliver the keynote address to several thousand pro-life activists and political leaders at the annual Texas March for Life, in Austin. My good friend, Father Frank Pavone, will also be speaking. Please pray for my participation in this very important event, as the press and thousands of activists and politicians will be weighing every word. The Texas Legislature will be in session with several important life issues before them. For more information on the march, click here.

The next day, Vision America will be hosting several pro-life leaders including Janet Folger, Rev. Tristen Emmanuel, and Phillip Jauregui, in Houston, Texas -- for two days of concentrated prayer and fasting. This two-day event will be without fanfare, as we devote ourselves to God and to preparation for the work ahead. Please cover this important time with your prayers.

Locally, Vision America is engaging pastors from across East Texas, in a concerted effort to stop a proposed Planned Parenthood clinic. This is shaping up to be a battle royal, if their plans continue. But we have no intention of just sitting back and watching it happen.

Thank you so much for your prayers and continuing support of our efforts at Vision America

I remain...

Your Servant, for Jesus' Sake!

Rick Scarborough Signature

Rick Scarborough

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