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Ask yourself this one question..."If I could send a strong message to the liberal media, would I do it?"

My 2006 New Year Resolution is to Boycott Liberal Media. This
boycott will be fun because I will no longer get angry over liberal
media bias. This boycott will be easy because there are plenty
of non-liberal media outlets I can use. This boycott will help others because the liberal media will have less power to mis-lead others.

Those who complete their online resolution today can
receive the bumper sticker for display on your car or truck!

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Learn More About the Liberal Media

A recent study by Tim Groseclose of UCLA and Jefffrey Milyo of the University of Missouri lists the "most liberal" of the major print and broadcast media.

Here is a sampling of how some major media outlets scored:
(100 being most liberal)

  • Wall Street Journal 85.1
  • New York Times 73.7
  • CBS Evening News 73.7
  • Los Angeles Times 70.0
  • CBS Early Show 66.6
  • Washington Post 66.6
  • Newsweek 66.3
  • NPR Morning Edition 66.3
  • NBC Today Show 64.0
  • NBC Nightly News 61.6
  • ABC World News Tonight 61.0
  • CNN with Aaron Brown 56.0
  • News Hour with Jim Lehrer 55.8
  • Click here to view the study

    To learn more about which media outlets have shown a liberal bias, you can visit the following websites:

    Media Research Center

    Times Watch

    Slanted Times