Americanism over transnationalism

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By Aryeh Spero - - Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Throughout this presidential campaign we’ve heard many liberals and neoconservatives carp against the nationalism espoused by Donald Trump and condemn how nationalism continues to resonate among tens of millions of regular Americans. Elitists and media messengers likewise express horror when Mr. Trump announces that in all matters, be they domestic or foreign, his policy and attitude will be “America first.”

Why is loving one’s nation and putting its countrymen first, which is the definition of nationalism, so offensive to liberals, elitists, and neoconservatives? Why are those who imbibe the natural love and preference of citizen toward country and countrymen immediately scorned and accused of harboring xenophobia?

Currently, liberals own our political and social vocabulary, defining terms in a push to dictate to us what is considered proper thinking or respectable behavior. At its core, political leftism, today’s dominant variant of liberalism, disdains distinctiveness and yearns for a universalism leveling everything as the same — be it in sexual conduct, values, morality, religion, or country. Nothing riles left liberals more than nationalism, which places a preference for one’s country and its unique ideals and traditions over another country.

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