Poll: Almost 60 Percent Of Americans Feel ‘Special Favors’ Were Done With Clinton Foundation Donors

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Matt Vespa - townhall.com

Politico reports that Bill Clinton will deliver a strong defense of the Clinton Foundation’s work, as he plans his exit from the nonprofit. The power couple has said the foundation wouldn’t accept corporate or foreign money donations, a promise they’ve made and broken before, should Hillary win the presidency. The foundation has become another weak point for Hillary’s campaign, with endless questions about ethically questionable dealings. The Associated Pressdid report that there are gaps in Clinton’s calendar when she was secretary of state and noted that over half of Hillary’s meetings from those outside of government were with foundation donors; the latter reports has been criticized for being inaccurate by the campaign. Yet, there were multiple times when the Clinton Foundation received donations from donors, who then benefited economically from deals facilitated by either Bill or Hillary. There is no direct paper trail, but the overlap raises eyebrows.

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