Adrian Rogers On War

Vision America Advisory Board member Adrian Rogers speaks out on what the Bible says about war.

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What should be my response to the war in Iraq?
What does the Bible say about war?
Some of my family is overseas in the military, what can I do here at home?

Many people are asking these questions and more about the subject of war and the Christian's response. On one hand, we know we are to love peace, pursue peace and pray for peace. We often hear that war is always wrong and no Christian should participate. Others tell us that Christians need to be vigilant in defeating evil for the glory of God.

Where do we go to find the answers to these questions? Not from the doves, who refuse war. Not from the hawks, who want war. Not from the owls, who philosophize about war. Not from the sparrows, who are afraid of war. The only place we can go for answers is God's Word.

Please Pray!
We know that the leaders of our nation appreciate your continued prayers, as do the men and women who are fighting this battle for freedom. And please don't forget to pray that God would save those who are lost in this conflict.

Also, individuals within the military have contacted LWF for materials and we are currently mailing out these resources to our troops as requested. Would you ask God to use the truth that these men and women receive to save and sanctify them and bring glory to God?

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