James Dobson, Rick Scarborough, Mat Staver Address Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Threat

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This Tuesday, March 10, I was asked to join more than 30 other deeply concerned church leaders on a conference call. The topic was the marriage and family-damaging decision the Supreme Court may soon make.

If they follow present cultural trends and rulings of numerous lower courts, by June they will rule against the biblical and historical institution of marriage in favor of what is being called “same-sex marriage.” Below are excerpts from comments and concerns expressed by those who participated in the call.

These comments have been edited and condensed without compromising the content or concerns. I felt very deeply in my heart that it should be shared with all who are concerned about the obvious assault on faith, family and freedom.

Opening remarks by Rick Scarborough (President – Vision America Action)

There is a growing concern about the nature of the ruling the Supreme Court will hand down in June on same-sex marriage. We believe that the majority of the Court will rule in favor of elevating what we have always taught to be a sinful lifestyle to the stature of a civil right — forcing us to choose between their ruling and our religious convictions that are based on Scripture. This ruling will conflict with our deeply held conviction and religious belief.

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