Trump ‘Isn’t Familiar With the Bible,’ Tony Perkins Says After Trump Blames Him for ‘Two Corinthians’ Gaffe

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By Katherine Weber , Christian Post Reporter

The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins said Donald Trump’s recent Bible gaffe at Liberty University proves the 2016 presidential candidate is “not familiar with [the] Bible.”

Perkins, a conservative Evangelical leader, made his comments after Trump blamed his reference of “Second Corinthians” as “Two Corinthians” on Perkins.

Perkins told CNN’s Erin Burnett this week that he is “guilty as charged” for writing some helpful notes for Trump ahead of his speech at the Christian university on Martin Luther King, Jr. day.

“No, I don’t dispute it at all. I wrote the scripture reference, which is 2 Corinthians 3:17, which is how it’s written,” Perkins told Burnett on “OutFront” this week.

“I’m guilty as charged. That’s exactly what I did. I sent him a couple of suggestions of some things he could talk about as a connection point,” Perkins continued, adding that Trump’s mistake “shows that he’s not familiar with Bible.”

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